Will Uber Drive a Disruptive Stake Into the Heart of Car Rental

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The news is out in San Francisco. Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wants people to register for Getaround self-driving cars before they are available. Sometime soon, they may find an Uber autonomous car in their vicinity, rent it, and be driven away in electric style. What this will do to Uber’s current service providers is another matter. However, Bonzah rental cars insurance may be there for you sooner than you think.


San Francisco Set to Be Getaround Alpha Site


That’s a good choice, Dara. San Francisco people are greener than a bunch of fresh-picked buds, and may blossom rather than vanish like a puff of smoke. Coming down to ground for just a moment, this is Uber’s first foray into the wonderful new world of green electric autonomous hiring. All they need now are the vehicles, although no doubt Dara Khosrowshahi is applying his mind to this too.

The Getaround offer is tasty according to Business Insider writing on 25 May 2018. Just click on the hamburger to qualify for “45% off dining and more” they say. An announcement follows regarding the service coming, where after Uber offers an autonomous scoot around their site. This is still ‘jam tomorrow’ at this stage, although from what we know of Dara tomorrow will come soon.


Where Does This Leave Rental Cars Companies?


Potentially high and dry we like to think, at least as centralized companies go that expect their customers to travel to them. We hear Britain’s grocer Marks and Spencer is closing 100 outlets following ecommerce inroads into their markets. If we could hire a Getaround rental car that came to us instead, we might be tempted, very tempted to get around that way soon.


What About Bonzah, Where Do We Go From Here


We offer the most affordable rental cars damage insurance in most places around the world including all fifty U.S. states. Our entry level rate card states, “If the rental car is stolen or damaged, from $7.99 / day this insurance policy will reimburse you up to $35,000 in repairs, replacement of the rental car and any deductible at a fraction of the cost of major car rental companies.”

So if it follows if a Getaround car is a rental car as it is, then we should be covering it soon. Watch this space for further updates as Dara Khosrowshahi rolls out his green San Francisco fleet, without a puff of smoke from a single tailpipe.

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