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Stratton Flagstaff Lake Maine

Maine is the easternmost state in the US, and jointly the northernmost along with Washington State over on the Pacific Coast. What would you call a citizen - or bona fide permanent resident - of Maine? “Mainer” is the correct answer. However, while considered by some as derogatory, the alternate name "Mainiac" goes down well with certain locals.


No Worries - Get Your Rental Car Insurance Maine Online


The best way to get around Maine is undoubtedly in your chosen rental car. Some of the scintillating options include inland Maine, which is famous for its picturesque waterways and lakes, undulating mountains, and dense forests.

The Atlantic coastline in the east is as dramatic as you will find, and fish lovers will enjoy the bountiful seafood cuisine, especially clams and lobster. Remember, you already have a very appropriate nametag to hurl at local drivers when they stress you on the road; simply shout "Mainiac", but only if they are driving badly!


Bonzah’s View on Rental Car Liability


When signing your Rental Agreement, do you really know what you are unleashing? Our guess is probably not. The following information should have you on the edge of your seat, possibly even rethinking your rental hire. Let’s delve further as we “sniff around”.


The All-Powerful RA


Essentially, your RA boils down to “ABSOLUTE/STRICT LIABILITY”. It holds you personally and legally responsible for all losses, regardless of the cause of the loss. This gives the rental giants legal capacity to hold you accountable, regardless of culpability and blame. In other words, you have signed your rights away and could end up financially ruined.


Ready to Accept Rental Car Insurance Maine?


Perhaps you missed the above health warning, if so, please revisit and rethink! Ask yourself why you would want to line up for all the anxiety that goes with a claim resulting from an incident beyond your control. Read the fine print in the tiny font and start worrying. Alternatively, visit and see real rental car insurance differently.


One Mishap Is All It Takes!


Keep in mind that while you are traveling the highways of Maine, it takes but the slightest distraction to turn nightmare-zone into reality. It could be an incoming call on your cellphone, and bang, your rental vehicle is ready for the scrap heap, along with the car in front (and the one in front…). Bonzah’s rental car insurance Maine is there for you to accept. All you need do is make it happen!

Image: Stratton Flagstaff Lake Maine: pfly CC BY 2.0