Disruptive Car Hires May Hit Your Pocket Hard in Hong Kong

Did You Hear About Bonzah? I Believe It's the Best

We foolishly take everything for granted when we rent a hire car or catch a cab. We assume the vehicle is roadworthy, the brakes will brake, and the spark plugs will spark when we depart on our journey. And, if all else fails the service provider has adequate insurance and we can claim compensation. However be warned, this may not be the case when you travel in a Hong Kong private rental car.


The Hong Kong Standard Broadsheet Exposes the Truth


The acting secretary for transport and housing Raymond So Wai-man told the Hong Kong Legislative Council on 16 May, 2018 he was “considering increasing the penalty on drivers of illegal hire cars, also known as white licensed cars, including Uber drivers who drive without proper permits.”

An unknown number are not declaring their business interests to their insurers. We kid you not. You could be driving nude in Hong when it comes to your coverage. Even investment boffin Warren Buffet admitted, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked.” Avoid being left out of the action. Take rental car cover from Bonzah now!


The Official, Hands-Off Position in Hong Kong


We believe in fair play so we quote Transport constituency lawmaker Frankie Yick Chi-ming directly. She told Hong Kong Standard, “it is legal for licensed rental cars to find customers with these online platforms, but it is illegal for the platforms to provide services with white licensed cars.” If you can figure that one out, please send us the answer on a prepaid postcard.

Frankie Yick Chi-ming added, “Police will continue to combat illegal conduct,” but she did not reveal plans to deter e-hailing mobile apps from offering services to ‘white licensed cars’ that may not be insured.


This Leaves You in a Puddle, But Bonzah Will Bail You Out


There is a clause hidden deep in rental car waivers to the effect the customer is responsible for ensuring the car is safe to drive. And, as we know these companies are adept at protecting their interests. Bonzah rental car insurance offers to take you out of this chaos to a secure platform, where you may with our compliments be more confident of your interests in the case of an unfortunate collision.

Drum Roll please for this amazing offer. We want to give you up to $35,000 cover for repairs, replacement of the rental car and any deductible at a fraction of the cost of major car rental companies. And the cost? We saved the best for the end. You only pay us $7.99 a day in the US. That’s not ridiculous, it is the honest truth. We challenge you to find a better deal anywhere. Check out our large small print here.

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