Rental Car Insurance Louisiana

Cooking Jambalaya - Near Done

This state is in the Deep South of the US and holds the official nickname of the Pelican State. In 1682, French explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle named the region Louisiana in honor of King Louis XIV of France. The name stuck, and serves to confirm its French heritage. An upside-down world indeed, French one moment, American the next. Native Americans occupied this space for many millennia prior to the arrival of Europeans.


Covering Mishaps to Your Rental Car


Not just damage cover, our plans cover rental vehicle loss and replacement too. Mishaps do happen, particularly when you find yourself on unfamiliar roads with different driving standards. Best of all, Bonzah’s plans are affordable and easy to understand. You’ll be saving a packet with the rental car company and the ridiculously expensive waivers they expect you to accept.


Rental Car Insurance Louisiana


A rental vehicle hire is a great way to get around Louisiana. Getting hold of a rental vehicle could not be easier, but insuring it adequately through your rental car company is not quite so easy. This is because they are unable to offer insurance, as they do not hold the necessary accreditation from the insurance world. Thus it is useful to know about, your online portal for proper rental car insurance Louisiana.


If It Can Go Wrong, It Will


It’s not all down to your driving style. Out there on the highways and byways of Louisiana, other road users often compromise your safety. Unexpected problems can also be as simple as a flat tire forcing you to pull over to the hard shoulder on the freeway. A quick search in the trunk confirms that while you have a spare, the toolkit is missing.

Now, if you accepted Bonzah’s Premium Car Rental Damage Protection before collecting your rental vehicle, our Emergency Road Side Assistance would kick in to assist you replace the punctured tire. All this for an amazingly low $11 a day. Not only affordable, it’s actually essential cover too.


Louisiana’s Fine Cuisine


Louisiana ranks as one of the nation’s happiest states and there are plenty of good reasons for this. Probably at the top of the list is fabulous food thanks to Louisiana's culinary traditions. Influences from France, Spain, Ireland, Sicily and the Caribbean, not forgetting Africa are all evident.


Cajun A Ride From Rental Car Insurance Louisiana


These all combine to make Louisiana’s culinary offerings a gastronomic delight. This makes getting around in your rental vehicle all the more important. Enjoy the experience and don’t forget your Bonzah rental car insurance Louisiana plan.


 Image: Cooking Jambalaya Near Done: A Mad Scientist BY CC 3.0