Rental Car Insurance Kentucky

Race Day Pomp and Ceremony, Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky

Mention the name ‘Kentucky’ and the immediate association conjured up in many heads is KFC, as in finger-licking good fried chicken. Perhaps this is not surprising, because it would be easier to list the countries that don’t have KFC outlets than those that do. Bluegrass is another famous export from Kentucky, and so too are bourbon, and moonshine. Horseracing goes down a treat among Kentuckians too.


How do You Fancy a Boat Ride on the River Styx?


River Styx is the name ascribed to one of the many semi-subterranean waterways in the world's longest cave system at Mammoth Cave National Park. This cave system boasts 412 miles of surveyed passageways, awesome! Unfortunately, your rental car insurance Kentucky won’t cover you for any events underground, but it will take care of your rental car while you explore.


The Right Coverage from Rental Car Insurance Kentucky


When you arrive in Kentucky, the first thing you want to do is hit the road. Car hire pickup points are notoriously busy spaces with winding queues seemingly snaking forever. When your turn comes, try to avoid herding tactics used by the agent at the rental desk. Their mission is to get you to accept the standard ‘insurance’ offered by them. Beware, this is not insurance at all. They offer waivers, which you should treat as self-insurance.


Avoid Pressure Tactics


Suitably armed with your Bonzah’s Basic Plan, which covers general car rental damage, simply tell the rental agent you have your own third party cover in place. You could also add that this affordable option costs a fraction of the extortionate rates they help themselves to with their waiver system.


Reading / Understanding the Fine Print


All car rental agreements include a long list of barely legible terms and conditions. Then you move on to disclaimers, waivers, you name it. Have your legal aid team handy if you want to understand precisely where you stand in the event of a claim. This is all avoidable if you opt for Bonzah’s easy-to-understand Basic Plan, or the frequent hirer option, which we call the Premium Plan.


Affordable, Effective and Much More Than ‘Nice to Have’


The cover available online from Bonzah’s rental car insurance Kentucky is highly affordable. Do the math and see how the $8 per day cost of our Basic Plan compares to the cover offered at the rental desk. Knowing that you’ll be properly covered for so little offers peace of mind for sure, and ‘zero deductible’ sounds great in any language!

Image: Race Day Pomp and Ceremony, Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky: Richard Hurt BY CC 2.0