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Kansas Summer Wheat and Storm

Under the general heading, “Useless Information”, you probably didn't know this ‘did you know’ marvel. The Meades Ranch Triangulation Station in Osborne County was once the geodetic center of North America. In simple English, the central reference point for all maps of North America. That all changed in 1989, when Barton County KS grabbed the cudgel and claimed the title. Did anyone notice?


Midwest Kansas Calling


You will need to book your rental car if you want to squeeze the maximum out of your planned visit to Kansas. Whether you’re vacationing or on a business campaign, you need the independence a hire vehicle offers. Expect to go through the “Waiver routine”, because this is what all rental car companies do.


Rental Car Insurance Kansas; No-Brainer Zone!


The agents at are delighted to bring their product offerings to your attention; we call it real car rental insurance. Before we review them, we ask you to consider the consequences of not opting for one of our plans.

Imagine finding yourself the victim of a hit-and-run outcome. You are all alone, and your rental vehicle may even be immobilized. Contacting the rental car call center won’t help. They’ll promise to get a recovery vehicle to you soonest, that’s it! If you accepted Bonzah’s Premium Car Rental Damage Plan, you would have the benefit of Emergency Road Side Assistance cover.


Maintaining Focus


When you are in the business of car hire, this is what you focus on, not the ‘trivial matter’ of arranging rental car insurance Kansas, or elsewhere. Here at, providing affordable car rental damage insurance is our core focus. Vehicle rental is not what we do so we don’t get involved, except for the important matter of offering decent coverage. This we do online, please click here.


Does Bonzah Cover All Vehicle Categories?


Good question, one that we hope to provide an honest response to, as this is an important consideration. We cover all the vehicle categories operated by the rental giants. This includes all SUV's and pickup trucks, provided they aren’t used for commercial reasons.

Use for commercial purposes automatically invalidates any rental insurance accepted specifically for private usage. If you plan to hire a fancy stretch limo, rather look to the rental company's cover options.


Wrap Up Of Rental Car Insurance Kansas


By clicking here, we’ll link you to Bonzah’s Basic Plan ($35,000 cover for $8 / day), or Premium Plan ($35,000 costing $11 / day). Remember, the Premium Plan includes Emergency Road Side Assistance. Buy the plan that suits you best before you take delivery of your rental car. Best of all, you’ll be properly covered with zero deductibles!

Image: Kansas Summer Wheat and Storm: James Watkins BY CC 2.0