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The aim of this article is to improve public understanding of what state minimum liability insurance aims to achieve in the rental car sector. Moreover, it analyses precisely on whom the onus falls on a state-by-state basis when a renter hires a rental car. Please stay with us and gain a better understanding of this very important topic.

The Law Requires State Minimum Liability Insurance Coverage

In terms of the law, rental companies have to provide the state-required minimum amount of liability insurance, though there are exceptions to this rule. A few states require the renter to apply for state minimum liability insurance themselves.

Vehicle owners and renters should know that coverage often does not provide enough protection. No worries because if you have your own auto insurance in place and have opted for higher liability limits – a recommended practice - you should be adequately covered. However, it always pays to check this before driving away. Frequent renters have the option of purchasing a non-owner liability policy, which can cover the additional liability needed.

 Automobile Financial Responsibility Laws - By State

As of July 2018, new laws required each US state to have a raft of liability insurance in place to cover incidents occurring while driving. Clicking on this link allows the viewer to access the detail on a state-by-state basis. Source: Property Casualty Insurers Association of America; state departments of insurance and motor vehicles.

Rental Car Insurance Often Defies Logic

Renters need to be quite astute in discerning the information provided, particularly insofar as it affects their driving circumstances. If there is one piece of advice the eager beavers at would like to leave indelibly etched in the renter’s mind, it is this:

“Always take out the highest level of cover offered when it comes to state minimum liability insurance”. Hold on though, this does not have to be crippling financially, although it could be if you use the rental giants’ product offerings!

Remember, the coverage set out under Automobile Financial Responsibility Laws provides basic cover when claiming under Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI). Renters need to know that they have sufficient coverage in place to allow for incidents that prove very costly, even financially crippling if it comes out of your own pocket.

Regular Rental Car Hire Increases Risk Exposure

If as a renter you hire frequently for business or leisure purposes, your risk profile increases exponentially. This is simply because you are out on the road and vulnerable to all that can go wrong. It could be other drivers, the weather or a natural event, but you will have peace of mind if you chose the right rental insurance products. This is precisely why is out there for you. Rental car insurance in its many disguises is all that we do.

Enjoy Your Rental Car Experience

Having the right rental car insurance coverage in place is the best way to maximize your driving experience. No worries if you chose because you will have the best insurance products for the lowest possible outlay. Decisions, decisions!

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