Enjoying the Car Rental Experience in Iceland

Iceland Mid-Atlantic Ridge: USGS BY Public Domain

If you are planning to visit Iceland to view the breathtaking scenery using a rental car, please read on. This is an out-of-this-world experience for first time visitors that will leave a lasting impression. The beauty of Iceland will leave you speechless with memories that will remain for life.

Sure, you can do the classic coach tour with the other lemmings, but that is not the same as the personal discovery, utilizing an affordable go-anywhere rental car. Do the research first and know where and what you want to see because it is a large island.

With a total population of under 500,000 souls, Iceland will suit the visitor preferring open spaces as opposed to never-ending queues at tourist attractions. Your best bet is a rental vehicle.

The capital is Reykjavik, which hosts most of the island’s population. The capital runs on geothermal power and is home to the National and Saga museums, tracing Iceland’s Viking history.

Mode of Transport

What transportation options present? Let’s take a closer look: Visitors should know that Iceland has no trains and buses are almost non-existent. Hitchhiking is possible though hikers should know that flagging down a passing auto is not feasible, because of few passing cars.

This means that appreciating this 40 000 square mile island of incredible beauty is best achieved using your rental car. Traveling by a rental car in Iceland is more than suitable it’s preferable. You get the freedom to choose and you can rest assured that your rental car insurance will cover all eventualities – assuming you take full coverage. The bonus lies in the flexibility of doing things at a pace that is convenient to you. Not to mention that Icelandic roads take you to some out-of-this-world landscapes!

You can find several car hire companies based at Keflavik Airport - Reykjavik International Airport. Be sure to understand what you are dealing with when it comes to the Rental Agreement. This is particularly important when choosing the insurance options.

After Landing

Securing a car as soon as you land makes good sense because getting to Reykjavik costs around 13 EUR per person by bus. Select the car rental insurance that suits your needs, remembering that terms and conditions apply – as always!

Securing that Extra Insurance

Ask for the gravel road insurance after arriving. Also consider ash and ice insurance if you are going in the winter (sand and ash insurance in the summer) or in an areas with much volcanic ash. Below is a hack on how to lower your insurance premium, please, stay with us!

Iceland’s gravel roads are good enough to use, and frequently reveal a spectacular natural wonder. Know that there are many pitfalls. Enter Bonzah.com for your personal feel good factor! Some road systems use volcanic pebbles as the surface. These can easily smash windscreens and damage bodywork if flicked up by other vehicles passing.

Have Your Brain on When Signing the RA

When you land in Iceland, you’ll find rental car companies keen to sell you their own range of insurance products. No problem there, because most US travelers are used to this back home. All fine, except you will pay heavily for the protection.

Rather adopt the following approach when addressing your rental car insurance needs:

  • Check if your personal vehicle insurance covers car rentals. Some do and that could save you a lot
  • Your Visa or MasterCard plastic cards may also offer free coverage for your rental car insurance – check before traveling

Should you need to buy extra cover, here’s the good news – use Bonzah. Bonzah is a third-party insurance provider offering affordable rental car insurance products via their website. Why pay $30 (or more) per day when you can secure the same cover for as little as US$8 a day.

Enjoy the Ride and Love the Experience

You will love traveling by rental car in Iceland because it gives you the freedom to choose your preferred route. You also get the flexibility of going where you want precisely when you want. The memories will stay with you forever.

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