Rental Car Insurance New Jersey

Atlantic City; Author: Bob Jagendorf; CC BY 2.0


While this state may have a small footprint making it 47/50 in the US size ranking, New Jersey claims position seven when it comes to population headcount. Close to 9 million people reside in NJ, quaintly referred to as ‘The Garden State’.


Rental Car Insurance New Jersey - It Makes Sound Sense


Hiring a rental car makes sense no matter which state you are visiting. It is the most convenient way of seeing the attractions, offering both convenience and independence. Do the research online and decide for yourself. One thing you need to be aware of is the vital matter of insurance. Accepting one of Bonzah’s plans should top your requirements list.


So Much on Offer in New Jersey


Being in the heartland of the Northeast megalopolis provides New Jersey with excellent transportation systems. This connects around one third of US (and Canadian) residents, providing them with effective travel options over land.

This in turn has opened coastal resorts like Atlantic City, and indeed the Jersey Shore in general. Oh, and remember several casinos lie along the Atlantic City Boardwalk the first and longest boardwalk in the world!


Benefits of Rental Car Insurance New Jersey


Firstly, all eligible drivers are covered. Of course, they need to be 21 years or older and possess a valid driver’s license. Importantly, they need to be named on the rental agreement before vehicle collection.

The good news is that offers primary car rental damage insurance, up to $35,000, covering the following outcomes up to this maximum benefit in the benefits schedule.

1) Damage due to collision, theft, and vandalism

2) Damage caused by windstorm, fire, hail, and flood

3) Damage due to any cause not in your control

Cautionary Note – RA Compliancy Assumed

If you accept one of the two Bonzah rental car damage options, our terms are as liberal as they come. Willing buyer, willing seller is our modus operandi. To qualify you just need a valid, signed Rental Agreement. We also ask you to abide by the T’s and C’s of the RA at all times, because defaulting invalidates our coverage.


Weighing the Options


As a renter, you have a couple of options open in terms of liability cover. These include:

  • Onerous arrangements open through your auto insurance
  • Dubious Credit Card cover
  • Expensive waivers on RA, or…

The amazing and full backing of Bonzah’s rental car damage insurance.


Rental Car Insurance New Jersey


By far your best option is available online from It is the choice that keeps you best covered, with no worries. Don’t hesitate, grab it today!