Rental Car Insurance New Mexico

Four Corners Monument; Author: Staplegunther; CC BY Attribution 3.0 Unported


Back in the mid-sixteenth century, present day New Mexico faced colonization in the name of the Spanish Monarchy. Originally, it took the name Nuevo México after the Aztec Valley of Mexico, this happening more than two centuries ahead of the naming of modern day Mexico.


New Mexico, New Beginnings


Land of Enchantment is its nickname, perhaps because it is one of the Mountain States in the Southwestern Region of the US. NM also shares the famous Four Corners region together with - left to right / clockwise – Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. Down south of the border lies Mexico. Great terrain for the big outdoor experience all made so much easier with a handy rental car.


Simply the Best: Rental Cars Insurance New Mexico


We are not sure how you arrived here, but we are glad you called by. If there is one thing we can do to improve your rental vehicle hire, it is to get you to read this important message from our sponsor, Auto rental is one very confusing space. This is because you never seem quite sure just what you are insured for should a mishap occur.


No Pain, Plenty to Gain with Bonzah Cover


Imagine the horror of an incident involving you and your rental car. Quite possibly, it was not even your fault. Quite apart from any risk of pain and suffering for those involved, along comes the finger pointing. That’s not all, because the rental giants you hired the vehicle from have vested interests. They are now going to seek compensation from you, the renter.


The Dreaded Deductible


Unless you have the backing of real rental car insurance New Mexico wide, you should start getting real worried when the rental car company calls in their ‘deductible’. There is simply no arguing it because you signed the RA, when you solemnly declared that you had read and fully understood what you are accepting or declining.


Smoke and Mirrors in the Rental Car Pool


If only the Rental Giants were as open with you, the renter, as they expect you to be with them – chance would be a fine thing! Bonzah implore you to read the fine print, and to understand it fully. If you don’t, ask the questions but if you do, know the consequences of signing the all-important Rental Agreement.


Rather be Safe than Sorry!


Accepting Bonzahs rental car insurance New Mexico, represents the best protection possible for your rental vehicle. Take it because you need it!