Battles Between David and Goliath In the U.S. Car Rental Industry

Any Turo Car Could Do the Job

Our founding fathers and mothers recalled the fight between David and Goliath when they trashed British soldiers in the War of Independence. From henceforth, they declared all Americans shall be equal, and on par in terms of their right to do business.

We have stumbled over news from PhocusWire we feel is our duty to share. After all, this company brands itself “the most respected travel research authority … in the world” by their own write.


What PhocusWire Revealed Is Happening with Turo


Life is seldom fair for citizens when they tread on corporate toes and dent their armor. Turo says it is just a bunch of people sharing their cars with other people when they don’t need them. According to PhocusWire, this “empowers them to offset the costs of these expensive assets, while creating a collaborative community and creating unparalleled choice for consumers.”

In fact, 52% of Turo hosts apparently use the money to pay down car loans. Now if they were corporate auto rental companies, these could be deductible expenses. PhocusWire published comprehensive details on May 18, 2018, concerning how a major rental corporate is taking on these enterprising micro-entrepreneurs.


More Detail About What is Going On In the Industry


Said rental corporate has been waging war with Turo hosts for two years. It is using what PhocusWire calls “misleading legislative tactics that show that they’re in to fight dirty.” According to their version, individual Turo hosts are the same as corporate car rental companies. Therefore, they should fall under the same rules and moreover pay tax.

They have had some successes even though Turo argues the consumer experience is not the same. San Francisco has sued Turo for avoiding paying fees at the international airport. This was despite the state legislature deciding the two operations were completely different. Turo has counter-sued the city for “unlawful and unconstitutional practices”.


Bonzah’s Take On This Titanic Struggle


We are all for cheap, affordable rental cars. We think hire companies provide a useful service, although in our opinion they are upselling things that are not part of their core business. We believe there is also a place for Uber, Turo and other Wannabees. We would like them to become associate members of the American Car Rental Association and soon achieve full commercial status.

Then we can insure their clients against accident damage and loss at our amazingly low rates. We envisage something similar to our insurance for mainline car rental users. We can see no reason to charge more than Bonzah’s incredibly low daily rate of $7.99 that purchases up to $35,000 cover. Check the details here and see if you can do better.

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