Rental Car Insurance New Hampshire

New Hampshire in the Fall: Someone35 BY CC 3.0


When you have rental car insurance New Hampshire is a perfect place to be, as your rental auto eats up the miles and you arrive at your destination in style. However the Granite State as the locals like to call it was not always so well tamed by turnpikes. When European settlers arrived at Odiorne’s Point in 1623, the space was under control of warring Abenaki tribes who thought they ought not to be there.

The settler folk rebelled against the British in 1765, because they did not think they had a right to be there either. However, they did not need Bonzah’s superb rental car insurance New Hampshire yet, because they rode on horses. Later they produced Bob Montana, the original Archie Comics artist, and Al Capp creator of the Li’l Abner strip.


Why You Want Rental Car Insurance New Hampshire Not Collision Waivers


It is such a shame the rental car companies do not follow through with a spot of humor, when their clients dent their autos. They hope to replace rental car insurance New Hampshire with their own internal procedures. These effectively do away with the consumer rights the American insurance industry enshrined in law.

“Take it you will be accepting our standard collision waiver, their rental clerks ask. Or would you like to purchase our no deductibles option? Oh great, okay just sign here and your car is waiting for you in the rental park. Have a great ride!”


Ignorance No Excuse!


In this case study based on extensive Bonzah research the unfortunate client fails to read the small print they innocently signed. This could have been because (a) they were in a hurry (b) they forgot their readers’ spectacles or (c) they did not want to appear an idiot for not known how things worked. It is therefore likely they agreed to the following terms, because most car rental companies incorporate them in their small print:

“The renter is personally and legally responsible for all losses regardless of the cause of the loss AND the renter agrees contractually to be personally, and legally, responsible”.


Nailed Down


If you think this does not sound like the rental car insurance New Hampshire Bonzah offers you are dead right. In fact, it is not insurance at all because rental companies do not have a license to provide legal cover. Bonzah does. We hold insurance licenses in all fifty U.S. states.

Now tell us honestly, what would you prefer? Primary insurance cover you can trust. Or being personally and legally responsible for all losses, regardless of the cause? Choose Bonzah. Have rock-solid car renters damage insurance New Hampshire wide at a price you can afford, meaning everywhere you go in Granite State.