Rental Car Insurance Nebraska

Scotts Bluff National Monument, NE Author: Leaflet / CC BY-SA 3.0


Nebraska is the 16th largest state in the United States, with a population just shy of the two million mark. It straddles the Great Plains and Midwestern regions of the US and has attractions all of its own. Did you know, for example, that the world's largest train yard, Union Pacific's Bailey Yard, is in North Platte. The 'Vise-Grip' was the invention of one William Petersen in 1924.


Get the Auto, Get Proper Cover from Rental Car Insurance Nebraska


Today, Nebraska is a leading farming and ranching space, no surprise there, given its Where the West Begins persona. Talking people, former President Gerald Ford was born in Nebraska, but moved away at a young age. We recommend using your favorite car hire outlet for getting around Nebraska.

When you touchdown in this state, remember to confirm your rental car insurance option. Here at Bonzah, we believe it’s not worth risking driving a rental vehicle without affordable primary insurance in place. Just imagine what can go wrong as you drive a strange vehicle around unfamiliar spaces.


Beware: Rental Agreements would like to offer some sage advice; before putting pen to paper, make sure you understand the legal implications of what you are doing. By signing – or even declining – the RA waivers, you’ll still be in the firing line if any mishaps occur. Covering those risks is as simple as going online and purchasing Plan A (Basic) or B (Premium) from us. Rest assured because both plans are affordable.


The Rental Agreement Exclusive Clauses


As the renter, you need to be aware of certain, potentially bankrupting clauses in your RA. In other words, fully understand and avoid signing indiscriminately! If you do, you could be drawing down massive financial woes if any mishaps occur leading to a claim. Realizing these deficiencies in your RA opens the door to affordable and easy-to-access rental car insurance.


Embracing the ‘Nebraska Experience’


East to west, Nebraska is right there in the center. This is amazing country, not just a space to pass through. Consider this uplifting experience of how one visitor took to the state of Nebraska while passing through:

“If you could see Nebraska through my eyes, you would see a place that became my home. You would see the perfect place to raise my kids. You would see small town values, the 'it takes a village' mentality, volunteerism at it's finest. You would see friends and neighbors becoming family and you would see teachers, coaches and parents working together for our youth. You would see fishing, swimming, football, basketball, bbq's, and laughter. If you could see Nebraska through my eyes, you would see me, my friends and family - Living the good life.”


Remember to Request Your Rental Car Insurance from Bonzah


Don’t set off in your rental vehicle without decent insurance cover. It’s available online at and it’s the smartest move you’ll ever make. Enjoy the Nebraska experience!