Rental Car Insurance Illinois


Did you know that three U.S. presidents won elections while living in Illinois? These were Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Barack Obama. That's not all, because Ronald Reagan and Hillary Clinton were both born and raised in Illinois. While it may not be presidential, we chose the name "Bonzah" to promote our affordable car rental damage insurance products. This adjective means That Covered Feeling.


Get that ‘Covered Feeling’ for Your Rental Car Insurance Illinois


When you arrive at the rental car desk before collecting your vehicle, the agent will do their utmost to convince you to accept maximum waivers. What they won’t share with you is the hidden extras, for example who foots the bill while the rental car if off the road undergoing repairs. We suggest you ask that question, at least hypothetically. The reality is that rental companies are going to want their pound of flesh.


Show Your Bonzah Insurance Rental Agreement


As a seasoned traveler and regular rental car user, you need to be astute with hire vehicles and contingent liabilities. Show the rental car agent your Bonzah Rental Agreement and tell them to save their breath with confusing waiver options, the big issue being what’s not covered rather than what is! Folk often ask us:

FAQ: Can I purchase car rental coverage on the same day I am picking up my car?

BONZAH REPLY: Yes, but you must purchase the coverage before you take possession of the car.

Rental Car Damage Protection For Under $8 / DAY

Bonzah’s Basic Plan provides $35,000 car rental damage, or theft coverage. The cost is an amazing $7.99 per day, and we also include $500 baggage and personal effects cover in the premium.  You can opt for our Premium Plan for an additional $4 per day. This includes Emergency Roadside Assistance in addition to the cover shown above.


Another FAQ Regarding Rental Car Insurance Illinois


FAQ: I am not a US Citizen; can I still use this insurance policy to cover my rental car?

BONZAH REPLY: The plans we sell on cover citizens and residents of the United States, except in the state of Washington. Residents are those people who have established a "residency" in the U.S. for example by obtaining a driver's license, a social security number or by paying taxes.

Generally green card holders, people with immigrant or long term visas can also be considered residents if they are currently living in the U.S. Unfortunately, people that hold a tourist visa or other similar short-term visas are NOT "Residents" of the United States, which excludes them from the rental car insurance Illinois plans.

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