Rental Car Insurance Idaho


Why should you sign up for’s Basic or Premium Damage Protection coverage? The answer to that is quite simple; you want to be sure that you have decent rental car insurance in place. The other option is to put your faith in the waiver options available from all main rental car operators, but expect some turbulence when it comes to claim zone. This is because rental car companies self-insure.


Whatever You Do, Don’t Use Your Personal Vehicle Cover


If you plan to use your personal auto cover, perhaps under your home cover policy, the best advice we can give is definitely don’t! Why? You’ll live to regret it when any claim you make results in massive premium increases. Add the deductibles applying at claim time and you’ll find yourself well out of pocket when the next annual increases kick in.


The Choice of Two Plans from Bonzah


We do not make secret the fact that we are the only online facility that offers cover in all 50 states. Correction, our sister operation called is also in the space offering real rental car insurance Idaho-wide. You’ll find two plans available on, the Basic and Premium options. Premium costs about $3 more a day but you get Emergency Roadside Assistance included.


Connecting with Industry Experts


Rather than making these wrong moves, consider proper insurance cover available from We call it rental car insurance Idaho, and it is available on demand before you take the keys of your rental vehicle at any collection depot in Idaho. Connect to our website, chose a plan, and supply us with some basic information. We will send you the Rental Agreement by email as confirmation of cover.


Much to See and Explore


Idaho divides into several distinct geographic and climatic regions, and forms part of the Pacific Northwest. Quite mountainous, Idaho boasts several stretches of the Rocky Mountains. The United States Forest Service owns about 38% of Idaho's land, the most of any state. Visit this authoritative site to get some good ideas.


Highlights of Bonzah's Cover with Rental Car Insurance Idaho


Our Rental Car Protection covers damage due to collision, theft, and vandalism on a reimbursement basis. This is up to the maximum benefit shown in the benefits schedule. Moreover, a ‘zero deductible’ applies in the event that your rental car incurs damage and you need to claim. In other words, your deductible will not cost you a dime.