Rental Car Insurance Hawaii


Hawaii is a dream destination that serves as a popular magnet for tourists. Don’t be put off by recent news of volcanic eruptions on Hawaii’s Big Island. It is one of nature’s most awesome sights and is something well worth seeing, but not from too close up. All rental car situations have built-in risk factors simply because you are a stranger driving on unfamiliar routes.


Use Rental Car Insurance Hawaii


Using a third party’s vehicle comes with the potential for something to go wrong. Invariably, it‘s some idiot road user that gets in the way and causes something you did not anticipate. Bang…no problem, as long as you have cover through RoamRight Auto Rental Insurance available through We are the only service provider offering real rental car damage protection in all 50 states.


Protection in All 50 States offers you the best possible 3rd party insurance coverage throughout the United States. We can proudly brag that we are the only insurance provider to offer this in all 50 states. That’s right, and it certainly took some doing to get in place. The alternatives to our easy-to-follow policies are dubious waiver-based plans from hire companies, or your own domestic car policy, neither of which we would recommend.


If Not, Why Not?


Waiver-based options normally include CDW and LDW coverage, if you accepted these plans. Whatever you do, don’t decline the renter’s insurance without other cover in place. If you don’t accept some form of cover, you will be liable for off-road expenses while your hire vehicle is undergoing repairs, plus the loss of potential income suffered by the rental company. It can all prove devastating financially at the end of your hire.


Bonzah Covers all Bases


Avoid the confusion at the rental desk when you step off your flight and want to get through the booking formalities as soon as possible. Simply tell the rental agent, “No insurance thanks, I have my own cover in place via RoamRight Auto Rental Insurance Plus is the car rental damage insurance policy offered via Arch Insurance Company”.

A.M. Best Company has assigned a financial strength rating of “A+” (Superior) to Arch, as well as the largest financial category size of ‘XV’. All assuring to know you are in good, safe hands when the wheels come off!


Assuring Rental Car Insurance Hawaii from Bonzah


Over-the-counter rental insurance can vary between $20 and $40 a day. offers fantastic rental car damage insurance coverage at a fraction of the cost. Stay safe on the magnificent highways and byways of Hawaii – please view the image for cost comparisons.