Rental Car Insurance Indiana

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Signing for’s Basic or Premium Damage Protection coverage clearly makes sense. Why so, we hear you ask. The truth is these are the only real rental car insurance Indiana offers, and they are ready for you to accept online. Knowing we hold your rental vehicle covered for all eventualities is the best part.


Do Rental Company Waivers Offer Adequate Insurance Protection?


An emphatic ‘no’ is the correct answer to that myth. To begin with, Waivers (CDW and LDW) are self-insurance in reality. In other words, car rental companies offer these concessions – let’s be kind – in the hope that more often than not, nothing happens. You can even decline waivers if you can convince the rental agency that you have another form of cover. Like rental car insurance Indiana from for example.


What Happens When the Wheels Come Off?


If you accepted the Waiver option on the rental agreement, you are theoretically relieved of most liability in the event of damage to your hire vehicle. Even if you did not cause the incident, most rental companies are going to look to you – the hirer – for a convincing explanation. Costs start to mount as the clauses found in the small print on your RA kick in.


Hidden Danger Lurks in Car Hire Contracts


Did the agency take the time to explain what happens if their vehicle is damaged, and is off the road undergoing repairs? Probably not, unless you asked the question before signing. Quite a sobering thought that, because their vehicle was in your hire, you are the one they will look to recoup their losses. Remember too, you authorized the rental car agency to access your credit card for any deductibles. Better than an ATM to some!


It’s Your Choice


It is no secret that and its sister company offer the only online rental vehicle insurance in all 50 states. That’s real rental car insurance Indiana-wide. You have two plans available on, the Basic and Premium options. Premium costs about $3 more a day, but Emergency Roadside Assistance is covered.


If Only You Had Accepted Car Rental Damage Protection


It’s too late after the event because you can’t back-fit insurance. Assuming you took one of the rental car insurance Indiana products, one of policies could reimburse you for vehicle damage or theft claims. Alternatively, our underwriters, Arch Insurance can deal direct with the rental car agency too. It’s online and it’s always there for you.

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