Find Your Rental Car Insurance Ahead of the Game

No Time to Quibble ... I'll Take the Waiver

Renting an auto while on holiday provides a delicious sense of go-anywhere anytime we want freedom. However, we ought to be careful of the upselling game auto rental companies play. Give serious consideration to bringing your own child seats and portable satnav with you, or else the rental will cost you considerably more.


The Myth that Last-Minute.Com Saves Money


Shop around for the best car rental price, at least two months beforehand if you can. Use comparison sites, or choose a trusted trader that gets paid by the rental company not by you. If you leave it until you arrive at your destination, the rental clerk will read the urgency in your eyes and may apply a higher rate.

Instead, why not hop onto the airport bus and catch a cheap ride to town. You are more likely to find a city hirer interested in return business, not a quick hit. You also don’t get to subsidize the airport rental company by contributing to their expensive offices. Moreover, more than a few city ones offer free transport to and from the airport.

Always settle how the refueling policy works before you accept a deal, and get it in writing before you sign. There will likely be a clause how much fuel must be in the tank when you return the rental vehicle. You can bet your bottom dollar on a gas station near the depot because that’s how they make their money. Moreover, they will sell you gas at their regular rate, unlike a rental company that could charge you double for their trouble.


The Proven Benefits of Pre-Purchasing Rental Car Insurance


The New Zealand Herald reports “car hire firms will often talk customers into panic-buying excess insurance when picking up their vehicle”. We agree, in fact in our experience this is a world-wide phenomenon. Moreover rental companies make more money selling loss and damage waivers they claim are insurance, than from the actual hire they punt as core business.

Genuine insurance companies right around the world are registered insurers, and subject to compliance with the decisions of national ombuds. Moreover, their prices are lower, and some like Bonzah even more affordable. Why settle for thinly-veiled threats disguised as upselling, when you can purchase better, cheaper, genuine insurance for a radically lower amount.

When you get to the rental counter and they look down their nose at your proof of Bonzah cover, simply say “My policy is underwritten by RoamRight Auto Rental Insurance Plus. By the way, who underwrites and guarantees your loss and damage waivers?”

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