Credit Card Car Rental Insurance

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Using a recognized credit card to hire a rental vehicle may also provide some basic insurance cover for the rental duration. However, renters should know that coverage is most probably limited.

Moreover, credit card companies have comprehensive terms and conditions in place, with specific limitations on the extent of cover. Hidden in the small print are disclaimers endorsing that all claims should look to other forms of rental car insurance options before credit card coverage kicks in.


Focus on the Level of Cover Provided by Credit Card Rental Insurance


  1. It is important to know and understand what protections a credit card used for rental car damage provides. Your card may only cover the deductible if you make a claim, for example.
  2. Benefits differ between the different credit card companies. Rental car insurance coverage usually depends on the card company or bank that issues the card and may even differ according to the card type or scheme.
  3. Renters can expect a platinum card to offer better cover than the more basic green card. If you have more than one credit card, it pays to do the comparisons between the cards before making a choice.
  4. Be aware that credit card insurance benefits are usually secondary. This means they may only kick in after your personal vehicle insurance policy or the insurance coverage offered by the rental car company are exhausted.
  5. Connect with the credit card issuer to find out what they cover. If you plan to depend solely on a particular credit card for insurance protection, ask the company or bank that issued the card to send you their coverage information in writing. When you get the terms and conditions, read and understand them carefully.


Tackling Rental Car Insurance at the Rental Desk


Most of the rental giants are keen to maximize their billing, and rental car insurance is a lucrative area to score big time. This is because most renters have a poor understanding of what they really need. This is good news for rental companies as they play the game of confusion to con you into taking unnecessary cover. Actually, it is not insurance at all, but rather a waiver system that you end up trapped in.


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