Mastercard Car Rental Insurance

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MasterCard - since 1979 - changed the brand name to mastercard in 2016. This American multinational financial services corporation has its headquarters in Purchase, New York. A rather appropriate place to settle one of the big players of the Credit Card industry!


Mastercard Car Rental Insurance Ts and Cs


When a renter elects to a hire a vehicle with their ‘covered card’, they could qualify for coverage through Mastercard. Qualifying for coverage entails initiating and then paying for the entire Rental Agreement with a covered card in their own name that matches that on the RA. The “entire Rental Agreement” excludes the following disbursements normally associated with rental cars:

  • Tax
  • Gasoline
  • Airport fees


The Coverage Mastercard Provides


It is important to note that, similar to other credit card operators, the cover offered on qualifying cards is secondary insurance only. In other words, no other form of rental car insurance is available to the user in the event of a mishap occurring that leads to a claim situation. Coverage includes:

  • Physical damage and/or theft of your rental vehicle up to $50,000
  • Reasonable loss of use charges levied by the rental car company while the vehicle is unavailable
  • Towing charges to the nearest repair shop


Mastercard does not cover these events:


Personal injury or liability

Damage to personal property

Damage to other vehicles

Injury to any party


Who is covered?


The holder of the covered card and those identified in the Rental Agreement as authorized drivers holding valid driver licenses.


Secondary Insurance is precisely that!


Credit card companies are not in the business of providing insurance, and covering rental cars is no exception. However, certain situations may be covered when all other forms of rental car insurance are exhausted. These other forms include:

  1. Rental car cover using the waiver system – note that this is not insurance
  2. Rental car damage insurance provided by specialist brokers * click here
  3. Auto policies that specify rental car insurance coverage


Regard Mastercard Car Rental Insurance as a Fallback


Renters should know that claiming under credit card car rental insurance is the last form of defense after declining cover at the rental desk. Renters should know precisely what they have as cover options on their qualifying cards. Ask Mastercard to send the latest coverage details because they do change regularly. Renters should never assume risk coverage by credit card before declining other rental car insurance options.


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