Did Tempers Flare at Salt Lake City Airport

Fire Truck at Salt Lake International Airport

Fox News reports an apparent arson attack at a Hertz Salt Lake International Airport parking lot on July 9, 2018. Something caused 20 rental cars to burn, and the fire to spread remarkably quickly. We can only speculate how this happened in a high security environment.

Could this be a case of a client frustrated by a refusal to pay out on a collision damage waiver? We do hope things are not coming to this. We sympathize with Hertz for their loss and sincerely hope they had decent fire insurance cover.


Captain Kyle Lavender Provides First Feedback


The incident occurred around 12:30 a.m. in a small Salt Lake City Airport auto lot Hertz uses to maintain its vehicles. “From the time we were dispatched to the time that we got there, was right around 3 1/2 to 4 minutes, and in that time it had probably grown to double the size. 

“These are cars that are parked bumper to bumper and with the winds we had last night and the heat the cars were giving off it was spreading quickly,” Captain Lavender explains. Despite the efforts of two dozen firefighters, 20 cars were damaged or destroyed in the 30-minute event.

“Now we’ve got a bunch of cars that have seen their heydays and are done,” Lavender told Fox News about the melted metal, bubbled plastic and glass, and dripping lights. “The extremes and everything in between.”




Preliminary Thinking What Caused the Incident


The fire is still a mystery, although suggestions of arson are there. The firefighters regard the incident as ‘suspicious’ since the affected vehicles are less than one year old and a technical failure is unlikely.

A hot night with a fierce wind blowing down the canyon may have encouraged the wildfire, but would not have started it. Investigators are now reviewing surveillance footage and conducting extensive interviews.


Bonzah Rental Cover Might Have Prevented This


If it was arson and a Hertz customer was behind it, then the dispute may well have been around a collision or loss waiver that failed to pay out. Possibly a customer had to put their hand in their pocket for a loss they feel the waiver should have covered.

Now if they had chosen Bonzah rental car cover instead, the incident could have resolved amicably without fuss or bother. Kinda makes us wonder whether these waivers are still necessary now Bonzah is an established fact.

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