Rental Car Insurance South Carolina

Ferris wheel on the shoreline at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Author: The ed17; Accreditation: CC BY-SA 4.0


“South Carolina is Just Right for Holidays: We invite you to come and experience all of the wonderful things the Palmetto State has to offer - click here and enjoy more!. One thing is certain: Your South Carolina holiday will be unforgettable!” We found this inviting claim on the official South Carolina tourism website, and it seems too good to miss!


Assuring Your Adventure: Rental Car Insurance South Carolina


Wherever you arrive in South Carolina, be sure to cover your risks properly if you plan to use a rental auto. Exploring any new state is great fun and one of the best ways of enjoying the many attractions is by car rental hire. Life is full of surprises, and sometimes you’re caught short, particularly when driving in unfamiliar territory.


Collecting Your Rental Auto – Do’s and Don’ts


When you make your way into the business-like foyer of your chosen rental company, don’t be in too much hurry to get through the formalities. When your turn to speak to the agent comes, as it will eventually, take the time and make the effort to understand your Rental Agreement. If you feel uneasy about a specific clause, ask the rental agent to clarify and qualify before signing.

When asked to accept or decline the waivers covering Collision and Loss Damage, think carefully.  Yes, these are costly add-ons designed to extract money from renters, adding to the spiraling costs. Declining waivers is a potential nightmare zone and the folk at urge you to have their Affordable Car Rental Damage Insurance in place.


Insuring Unwanted Events


Any damage to or loss of your rental vehicle is an unpleasant happening. Having to bow and scrape to the car rental agency that you hired the vehicle from makes it worse. You could easily avoid this demeaning encounter by taking car rental damage insurance separately. Our plans are available online and take just a few minutes to complete the application. It costs as little as $7.99 a day and coverage is up to $35,000.


Vagaries of the RA


Fine, if you believe the waivers are sufficient, be wary of the pitfalls of all the terms and conditions hidden away in the small print of your RA. The rental giants are not particularly concerned what happened in terms of mishaps, they are more interested in who’s going to pay. That would be you, the renter because rental companies have no easy options of recovering losses from third parties.


One More Time: Rental Car Insurance South Carolina


If it seems we are flogging this option, we are! Consider the alternative if you rely solely on waivers if you run into trouble. Think about the financial and emotional stress then, realize that you could have avoided all this for under $8 per day. Click here for peace of mind, and enjoy hassle free driving in South Carolina.