Rental Customer Accidentally Steals Car in Ontario

Nissan Sentra Believed to Be Similar Model


We did not make this one up folks. In fact all our posts are accurate and true. A certain woman picked up a black Nissan Sentra rental in late June 2018, and drove to the nearest Walmart for shopping therapy. When she was finished browsing, she looked for her unfamiliar car in the ocean of cars in the parking lot.

When she found what she assumed was her black Nissan Sentra rental, she popped her shopping on the rear seat, jumped in the front, pushed the starter and drove away. Of course, if she had put the shopping in the trunk and seen the bag of golf clubs she might have thought again. But she did not, and the rightful owner was missing one car.

He reported the matter to the police according to The Guardian news site, although nobody noticed the Nissan Sentra driving around the town of Cornwall, Ontario for two weeks. As the days passed, the women noticed defects including scuffmarks, scratches horror of horrors, and the bag of golf clubs in the trunk. It is an open question whether she had any car insurance cover at all.


Always Insure a Rental Car for Full Value


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The situation began to recover after she returned the rental to the depot when the two weeks were over. She had harsh words for the manager about the state of the vehicle, and how unkempt she found it. And as for the golf clubs, she may have added “you people have absolutely no idea what you are doing”.


The Moment When the Truth Came Home


“But that madam is not our car” the manager doubtless replied. “Where is our car, by the way? This one is an Infiniti, not a Sentra. I am afraid this is going to cost you dearly in penalties.”

The women returned to the Walmart parking lot as quickly as she could. Sure enough, the black Nissan Sentra rental was still waiting where she left it. The local police sternly warned of the real danger of leaving electronic key fobs in unattended vehicles.

“You never know who might take it,” they added. “Folks, we just can’t make this stuff up.” You never know when you might need your Bonzah cover.

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Nissan Sentra: RL GNZLZ BY CC 2.0