Visa Car Rental Insurance

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Perhaps you are planning a cross-state vacation or business trip, and you need to know where you stand with your credit card and precisely what protection it offers ITO rental car coverage. If you hold a Visa card, chances are good that you could be up for free collision insurance.

The word 'free' is laughable so take it with a pinch of salt and always scrutinize the small print carefully. This article serves simply as a guide to using your Visa credit card for car rental insurance. Always check with your insurance broker or the Visa call center in case new terms and conditions apply.


In Review: Visa Car Rental Insurance


To qualify for auto rental insurance through your Visa credit card (all card options), you must charge the entire cost of the rental to the credit card. Keep all receipts. Should a mishap occur, you likely have to submit proof to Visa that you did in fact rent the vehicle using your Visa credit card. Caution: The primary credit card account holder’s name must match the name on the auto rental agreement.


Decline the Rental Company Waiver


Declining the rental company's LDW (loss damage waiver) is imperative for Visa credit card cover. In other words, you must decline any collision ‘insurance’ at the rental desk. If the rental car company insist you buy their product, walk away – they are simply trying to sting you wherever possible.


Summary of Visa Credit Card Rental Coverage

  1. All Visa credit card types offer rental car options
  2. Up to $50,000 cover applies
  3. Coverage is from 15 to 31 days
  4. You have up to 90 days to submit a claim (with relevant receipts)
  5. Request policy details from Visa


Visa Holds the Cards


Remember, Visa has the right to deny claims that include items, which in their opinion were avoidable (had you immediately contacted their claims administrator). Note: Coverage is not available for vehicle rental in the Irish Republic, Israel, Northern Ireland and Jamaica.


What is Not Covered by Visa Credit Card?


Liability and personal effects are exclusions on your Visa credit card auto rental insurance.  Since it’s not offered by Visa, it may be worth considering basic liability coverage available at the rental counter. If in doubt, verify with your company over the phone to see if this applies to the credit card you hold. Most credit card companies exclude certain vehicles types. For example exotic cars costing more than $50,000, and vans or trucks.


The Best Option- Affordable Car Rental Damage Insurance


It’s available from online, and you can arrange up to $35,000 cover for under $8 per day. Drive confidently knowing you have Primary Insurance for Rental Cars in place!