Don’t Miss More Than Your Flight Renting a Car

Better Read the Rental Agreement Under Bright Light

When editor of a humor website Elizabeth Thorp rented a car from Avis, more than a flight cancellation wiped the smile off her face. Avis lumbered her with a $150 cancellation fee, when she turned up a day late to collect the car. “A representative told me sorry, you had a prepaid rate,” Thorp told Christopher Elliott of The Washington Post. He reported on the incident on August 8, 2018.

 “I’m not sure how they can do this non-refundable stuff in good conscience,” Thorp added. “The prepaid rate is only $15 less.” Hidden terms and conditions are only one of three broad categories of frequent auto-rental errors. ”Insurance challenges and procedural “gotchas” also litter the road ahead,” according The Washington Post correspondent.


Elizabeth Thorp Fights Back With a Twitter of Complaints


However, unfortunately for Avis Elizabeth Thorp was not willing to fall for the massive scam. So she jumped on Twitter and got stuck into the rental company for being ‘shady’. “You get to keep my money, no matter what?” she asked. And she copied CBS News Travel and The Washington Post to make sure she captured attention.

Avis took her point on the chin and promptly repaid the fee, in full and without protestation. However, Christopher Elliott says they were technically correct by leveling the cancellation penalty. “Its prepaid rates, like those of other car-rental companies are either partially or completely non-refundable,” he explains.

“Moreover Avis disclosed those limits on the fourth screen of Thorp’s reservation. Then again, her flight delay wasn’t her fault, either”. And that’s really the point.


Rental Cars Can Be Tricky, Know What You Are Doing


“Rental cars can be tricky,” Jared Staver, Chicago attorney warns. “There is always fine print that can admittedly go unread if the renter is not willing to dig into the rental office’s codes on the spot. Rental-car businesses offer packages and policies that are all different depending on each situation.”

Pretty much the same applies with the collision damage waivers car rental companies tout. Coming to the party and paying for repairs after an accident is entirely at the issuer’s discretion. You got it.  Solely, only, exclusively, purely, merely, simply, just, and alone their choice.


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