Video: Rhonda Explains Rental Car Insurance in 90 Seconds

Rental Car Insurance Explained in 90 Seconds


 Text Version of Rhonda Explaining How to Get "That Covered Feeling":

Four Main Insurance Options

There are four main insurance options when it comes to renting a car. At Bonzah, we make it a simple choice.

Whether you rent cars often or just occasionally, you’re familiar with that uneasy feeling you get when the rental agent offers you their very expensive damage insurance, sometimes doubling the rental cost! Ouch!

That Covered Feeling

At Bonzah, we are in the business of helping renters get "That Covered Feeling” without all the stress and hassle. By using Bonzah’s primary insurance, you won’t need to use a credit card which is only secondary insurance. You also won’t need to use your auto insurance policy when renting a car, and therefore you avoid an expensive deductible and the risk of a large premium hike, if you had to make a claim! is a more affordable and flexible third-party insurance option that is purchased online, before arriving at the rental desk, and covers all rental car companies.

Coverage in all US States

Since starting in 2012, the team at Bonzah have sold car rental damage insurance in several markets and throughout all 50 states in the US. Our mission is to provide travelers with an affordable and convenient protection alternative to the rental giant’s expensive insurance rates.

Don't Blow Your Budget

With coverage up to $35,000 from just $7.99 per day, you can feel confident that you’ll be covered. The next time you are renting a car, have a “Bonzah” moment and rest in the knowledge that your rental car is already covered at a fraction of the cost!

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