Things To Know When Renting a Car in New Zealand

Halt! Who Goes There?

New Zealand is a fairly laid-back place where you could be forgiven for thinking you are in England. The reason being it is green, and about the same distance from the equator in an upside down way. Most roads are single carriageway but no worries. The speed limit on open roads is 60 mph, but they have plenty of passing places to overtake trucks.


A Few Things About New Zealand Driving to Know


You may think you are in England and they drive on the left too. You should be okay if you keep the white line on the right. Best find a quiet roundabout to practice soon as you can. Because everything is back-to-front, and upside down compared to America.

Have your driving license translated to English (unless it is in English already ha ha). You can get a great discount if you book your hire car well in advance. The high season is December to February when they may stock out of rental vehicles. It pays to collect the car at the airport because transit buses and cabs are expensive.

There are seven times more sheep in New Zealand than people. The residents would rather you don’t run them down. The same goes for cows, birds and rabbits that can unexpectedly appear on the road. However, Miss Tourist says it’s quite okay to flatten an opossum because they are aliens, top of the food chain and rampant.


How to Slash the Cost of a New Zealand Car Rental


# Try to visit between March and October when it’s winter time and prices are as low as half.

# The North Island will still be pleasant although you could need optional snow chains in the south.

# Be prepared to be flexible with dates. Play around if you can and you could be surprised at the savings.

# Some of the country roads are dirt, and the American habit of damage wavers is as rampant as the possums.

But no worries. Bonzah rental car insurance is there for you and anywhere in the world. You could save as much as $100 over a five-day rental and not need it all for a slap-up barbeque.

One last thing. Download New Zealand on your satnav before you leave on holiday and take it with you. That could be another $10 a day saved from rental add-ons. More than enough to cover Bonzah’s affordable $7.99 a day rental car insurance, paying up to $35,000, and with no deductibles.

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