Rental Car Insurance Wisconsin

Wisconsin's Big Bay State Park; Author: Ramblingnome; Attribution: CC BY-SA 3.0


Land acquisition for Wisconsin's first state park began as far back as 1900. The result is today's Interstate State Park located in St. Croix Falls. Visitors and residents have more than 7,000 pristine rivers and streams to get around in this north-central state in the US. Wisconsin offers a variety of things to do and endless opportunities to have fun. Whether you enjoy exploring lakes or cities, you'll find it right here in The Badger State.


Rental Car Insurance Wisconsin – Born out of Necessity


With so many attractions and so much to do, a rental vehicle makes a lot possible as you explore the incredible attractions of Wisconsin. Before you drive off in your rental vehicle, we want you to consider Bonzah's Affordable Car Rental Damage Insurance.

It’s a snip at $7.99 per day, but more importantly it’s vital cover if a mishap occurs. Incidents are often the third party’s fault, but that won’t influence the rental car company. They’ll knock on your door!


The Blame Game


Since the rental giants are in charge when it comes to who’s at fault in an accident, your version of the incident matters little. First, they’ll look at what you accepted in terms of Collision/Loss Damage waivers. Then they will decide how to apportion the blame and consequential liability. If you remembered to take Bonzah’s car rental damage insurance you can walk away from this blame culture.


Bonzah’s Best Recommendation


While out and enjoying the magnificent scenery Wisconsin has to offer, avoid drinking alcohol and driving. Put simply, it is not worth the risk. Yes, you may get away with transgressions, but think about the consequences of a freak accident while at the wheel of your rental auto. OK, so you only had a couple of drinks but you will still face the full force of the law after an incident.


State Rules Vary


To quote Wisconsin laws: “The charge of Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) is a very serious charge in Wisconsin. In 2003, Wisconsin became the 43rd state to lower the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) to a level of 0.08%, which makes the OWI laws even tougher than before on those who drink and drive.”


Rental Car Insurance Wisconsin – Terms and Conditions Apply


Of course they do, and as long as you remain on the right side of traffic rules, no problem with our coverage. Keep within OWI rules, and we could honor any claim against our Car Rental Damage Insurance. Flouting the law or the Rental Agreement conditions may prove very costly.