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Crater Lake, Oregon in Summer; Source: Panoramio; Accreditation: CC BY 3.0


The Pacific Northwest state of Oregon – also known as The Beaver State – ranks 9th in size and 27th in population count in the United States, with a tad over 4-million residents. Geographically, Oregon is a diverse collage of waterways and landscapes. It boasts massive forests, deserts, savannahs and even volcanoes. No surprise then that OR ranks number one as America's timber producer.


Rental Autos and Rental Car Insurance Oregon


Car rental is definitely the most convenient way to see the attractions and take in the amazing scenery. The image above shows Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the U. S. Other suggestions for your itinerary while visiting Oregon are available right here. Hiring rental autos without taking one of Bonzah’s amazing Rental Car Insurance Oregon packages could prove a costly error.


Getting Around Oregon


With so much to see and do, you’ll probably need some guidance on Oregon’s State Highways – click here to learn more.  All that we ask you to do before setting off on your travels in your rental vehicle is to spend a moment considering affordable rental car insurance. It’s available online from, and it takes just a couple of minutes to apply. Don’t leave it to chance, it just takes a momentary lapse of concentration for the wheels to fall off – not too literally, we hope!


Events Beyond Your Control


While you may be a safe and courteous driver, other road users sharing the road may be quite the opposite. This is why having primary rental car insurance in place makes sound sense. Let’s take a glimpse at some of the rogue types that can cause mayhem when they get behind the wheel. In terms of Auto Insurance Facts and Stats, many awful incidents have common denominators:

  • More than half of all convicted drunk drivers continue to drive despite losing their DLs
  • The youngest drivers (21 – 24 year olds) suffer the highest rate of injuries and fatalities
  • In all 50 states as well as DC and Puerto Rico, it is a criminal offence to drive with a blood alcohol count greater than .08
  • Child safety seats are mandatory in all 52 states
  • On average, drunk drivers drive drunk 80 times before facing arrest for the first time

Sobering statistics indeed!


Rental Car Insurance Oregon – Message from Our Sponsor


Reading these horrific statistics sends one very clear signal; nobody is safe on the road! Taking out Bonzah’s primary rental car insurance may not prevent mishaps, but it does cover the event. Sign the pledge today and never drive without proper rental car insurance again.