Rental Car Insurance Oklahoma

Grave Creek in McIntosh County, Oklahoma; Source: Thomas & Dianne Jones; Accreditation: CC BY 2.0


Oklahoma's name derives from the Choctaw phrase ‘okla humma’, literally meaning 'red people'. OK is in the US South Central region, and clocks in as the 20th largest in terms of footprint. Large parts of OK lie in the Great Plains, Cross Timbers, and the US Interior Highlands, regions known for extreme weather variations depending on season.


Choose Rental Car Insurance Oklahoma


A visit to online takes you to two amazing rental car damage insurance options. Keep a clear mind before finally choosing, but definitely purchase one of the options. The few seconds this takes could be one of the best investments of time you will ever make. What we offer is Primary Insurance cover, something you simply will not find offered at the rental kiosk.


Why the Need for a Rental Agreement


RA’s are legal documents drafted by corporate lawyers for rental car companies. They have evolved into onerous documents that once signed, override rights under common law and protect the assets of the rental giants. Since rental insurance is a non-starter at the rental desk, your RA addresses the many and varied incidents that can and do happen on OK’s roads and highways. If a mishap occurs during your rental period, the onus will fall on you to prove your innocence, and if you fail, you’ll be for the high jump.


Scrutinize Rental Agreement Clauses Meticulously


Did you ever wonder about that sneaky clause hidden in the RA small print that you have to sign? You know, the one referring to: “The renter agrees contractually to be personally and legally responsible for all losses, regardless of the cause of the loss.” Mostly, renters take it on the chin and sign because they think they have to. When you think about it later, you are in for a rough ride if some mishap happens to your rental auto on your watch.


Another Extract Lifted From an RA


Perhaps you skipped over the ‘Prohibited Use of the Car’ Clause on the basis it won’t affect you. As the renter, you may not use or permit the car to be used:

  • To tow or push anything
  • Outside the US or Canada
  • Recklessly or while overloaded
  • By anyone other than an authorized driver
  • To carry passengers or goods on a hire basis
  • While the driver is under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance

That sure covers many misdemeanors, right and don’t expect to find any protective clauses covering the renter.


Your Best Solution: Rental Car Insurance Oklahoma


It’s available online from Simply provide your planned travel dates to OK and answer a few important questions and we’ll email your rental car insurance certificate to you. No fuss, no bother, no worries, and all this for under $8 per day!