Rental Car Insurance Missouri

Current River below Welch Spring in the Ozarks

Down south, you'll find the Ozarks, which is a forested highland area providing timber, minerals, and recreation. The Mississippi River forms the eastern border of this state, but the most significant water source here is the Missouri River. We are, of course describing the Midwestern State of Missouri in the United States.


Vehicle Hire Needs Rental Car Insurance Missouri


Nothing could be truer! When you collect your rental vehicle, wherever you happen to enter Missouri, the rental agents will try their best to persuade you to accept their waivers. The best advice can offer is rather reject the waivers, but only if you have rental car insurance Missouri already in place – as in before you drive your rental vehicle.


Household Auto Insurance No-Nos


Hooking up with your normal auto insurance to cover a rental vehicle is fine, as long as you don’t claim. If you do, expect a tarnished claims history record and sizeable increases in your premiums going forward. Your claim could also face outright rejection if there is any doubt on your insurer’s part. They breed claims assessors to look for excuses to dishonor cover!


Hey! How about the Good Old Credit Car


Sure, the rental giants will grab this option with open arms as it guarantees no matter what happens. You’ll have the problem of sorting out the mess if there’s a claim. The credit card companies love it too, because they can squeeze the last dollar from you at exorbitant interest rates. It may take forever to recover.


The Only Viable Option


We rely on the wise use of rental car hire simply because it keeps us in business. What sets us apart are our product offerings, which amount to proper third party insurance. That’s right, it’s Primary Cover in the event of a claim. Show our policy document to your rental agent and they will stop pursuing their expensive waiver options.


Don’t Be Left Short


Unfortunately, a ‘take it or leave it’ mindset operates in the car rental space. Our mission is to persuade you to cover all bases. You can do this easily by going online to


A Memorable Experience Guaranteed


Exploring the Highways and Bi-Ways of Missouri is going to enthrall for sure. However, don’t allow the pleasure of the experience to fall short because of one insane incident over which you had no control. It’s so easy to avoid; simply insure through’s rental car insurance Missouri, and feel protected!


Image: Current River below Welch Spring in the Ozarks: Author ‘Kbh3rd’ BY CC 3.0