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Bear formerly owned by Kermit Roosevelt, thought to be made by Michtom, early 1900s

Source National Museum of Natural History;(CC2.0)


Mississippi is a great state, famous for its southern charm, fascinating history, and unique landscapes. This state has also made some interesting contributions to the modern world. Stay with us as we lace a few of Mississippi’s best-kept secrets together that improved living standards worldwide. Of course, you’ll need to complete the read.


Rental Car Insurance Mississippi – The Best Way to Take It In


We have former President ‘Teddy” Theodore Roosevelt to thank for creating the Teddy Bear. Seems that the president refused to finish off a trapped bear in Sharkey County. The rest is history as they say!

Bonzah’s mission is to promote the wise use of rental car hire, but we also warn would-be hirers to do the research and understand the insurance offerings thoroughly.

There’s proper third part insurance – let’s call it Primary – and then there’s the complicated waivers offered by the rental giants. Understanding the differences is vital. Do so before you drive off in your rental vehicle.

Another contribution from our sponsor: Did you know that Mississippi provided the world’s first triple transplant (heart, lungs and kidneys)?


Analyzing the Rental Agreement – Continued


If there is one single thing a hirer needs do, it is to read the RA from top to bottom. Understand it, and if you don’t, query it! The consequences of failing to do this could be crippling for your finances.

The Coca-Cola Myth - Root Beer started in Biloxi, Mississippi but Coca-Cola has a history in the Magnolia State as well. Did you know the first bottle of ‘Coke’ surfaced from Vicksburg?


No Need to Stress, Take the Best! covers it fully leaving you in no doubt about your options should you encounter any misfortune on the Highways and Bi-Ways of Mississippi. The “it won’t happen to you” mind-set holds no sway in the real world of rental car hire.

Covering all bases is as simple as accepting Bonzah’s affordable Car Rental Damage Insurance. The good news is it kicks in from less than $8 a day, awesome!

While most other states remained stubborn to change, Mississippi entered the fray. In 1884, the doors of Mississippi University for Women in Columbus opened. Awesome!


Avoid Under-Insurance, Accept Real Car Insurance Mississippi from Bonzah


We’ll leave you with this important consideration:

It may seem 'behind and beneath us' but the soft toilet seat cover strikes the bull’s eye. The Columbus MS inventor and patent holder sells about a million a year. Britain Thomas Crapper invented the first toilet seat, but it relied on the French to introduce the hole in the seat center!

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