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According to Census 2010, Connecticut State has the greatest per-capita income, and boasts the highest median household income in the United States too. In that survey, the Human Development Index clocked in at an impressive 0.962, the best in the land. Surely then it is a safe bet to assume great road systems to get you around the 'Nutmeg State'? Even so, at a cost of just $7.99 a day it’s a no-brainer to grab the cover offered with Bonzah's Car Renters Damage Insurance. Remember to request this before you set off on your voyage of discovery around Connecticut.


Rental Car Insurance Connecticut – More Than ‘A Nice to Have’


If you are a frequent car rental client, you are probably sensitive to that anxious feeling you're left with when the rental desk agents try to upsell you their collision damage waiver (CDW). You should also know that rental companies offer you a waiver, rather than insurance cover. This means the rental company waiver - often more costly than the actual rental itself – negates your liability for damage or loss, that is assuming you drive within the many terms and conditions you signed for. Always read the small print carefully…


Get Real Rental Car Damage Insurance


Rental car damage insurance operates differently from CDW or LDW, and is certainly more transparent. This type of cover effectively transfers the risk from you to the insurance company. This means that if the rental company decides to charge you for damage to their car, the insurance company will either refund you or pay the rental company directly. The rental car damage insurance offered on starts at just $7.99 per day. You get the desired coverage at a fraction of the cost compared to the rental desk.


Good Times Await Visitors


Connecticut has a lively maritime history with the resultant prosperity that came with, even though the state has no immediate oceanfront. This is because Connecticut occupies Long Island Sound, an estuary serving New York to the west. The Sound extends east toward the ‘race’ near Rhode Island with neighboring Massachusetts State due east. Great news as Connecticut provides a safe haven when the wild storms the North Atlantic is renowned for strike. Many ocean going ships seek safe anchorage within Long Island Sound when tropical cyclones approach too.


Rest Assured With Rental Car Insurance Connecticut in Place


Book your rental car and be sure to cover your liability. We recommend using your laptop or smart phone to purchase a policy via, just before you pick up your rental vehicle.

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