Rental Car Insurance Colorado

A frequent question asked of Bonzah is how the insured driver arranges reimbursement for damages to their rental car after an incident involving their hire vehicle. The short answer is that when your rental vehicle is involved in an accident resulting in damage, the rental agency won’t hesitate to slug your credit card, once they know the full extent of the damages. Your course of action could be to file a claim to Arch Insurance for reimbursement, assuming you opted for cover via Bonzah before the rental commenced.


Rental Car Insurance Colorado or Bust?


When you think about it, driving is a dangerous occupation. When rental cars are involved it becomes a potentially explosive raid on your financial resources, even if the event involving your rental car is not your fault. It goes much further than the incident, because the rental agency will look to recover every dollar directly from you. Imagine receiving a bill for the potential loss of earnings while the rental vehicle you hired is off the road.


The Hidden Horrors


Standard response from the rental desk on returning the hire vehicle with an insurance claim pending: ‘Of course we understand but unfortunately, it is all covered in the comprehensive signed Rental Agreement. Do you have alternative cover, perhaps via your credit card?’

What about theft of your car rental or mechanical derangement? These situations we really do not want to think about, but life is full of surprises and it only takes an idiot out there on the highways to change a rude awakening to reality.


Car Renters Damage Insurance Explained


You are traveling to Colorado, be it for business or pleasure, but remember this: The rental car industry in the United States is quite different from most other countries. In the US, insurance for damage, loss and theft do not normally form part of the rental price. That said, there is a deductible (or excess) charged to the renter in case of damage or theft. Enter rental car insurance Colorado – Bonzah is there to cover you in difficult circumstances.


Colorado’s Unique Landscape


If you are visiting Colorado on vacation with the family, first collect your rental vehicle, making sure you opt for the best rental car insurance Colorado offers. Head for Morrison, a quaint, quiet town and popular music venue tucked away in the foothills of the Front Range. At around 5,765 feet above sea level, you can see forever. Not far from Morrison, Tiny Town and Railroad is an enchanting place to take the kids and is one of Colorado's most unique tourist attractions. Tiny Town comprises an entire mini village and miniature railway network that the kids are going to love.

Image Information and acknowledgement: Pikes Peak, Colorado: Mark Gallagher BY CC 2.0