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As the caption goes, “We bring bad things to life”! Quite a claim, which we just happened upon while searching for attractions in Arkansas. The Gangster Museum of America in downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas is a fascinating place to catch up on some gruesome facts that may interest you. Macabre, definitely but then again most everybody loves something unusual, because it appeals to the rebel within…


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Off the Beaten Track in Arkansas


This southern road experience follows Arkansas Scenic 7 Byway, and takes in seven attractions around Arkansas. It is a one-way journey of approximately 300 miles, and it starts up north in Diamond City, Arkansas. It follows Scenic 7 as it winds its way south, taking in these attractions along the way:

  1. Diamond City, AR – This small city is our start point in Boone County, Arkansas. The vital industry here is tourism, which makes this a great start grid
  2. Harrison - Dubbed the "Best Small Town in America" with a downtown lake and a beautifully renovated town square complete with hanging flower baskets
  3. Mystic Cavern – This is a must-do underground adventure while in Harrison. Continuing south on Scenic 7, dwell a while in Jasper in the center of spectacular Buffalo National River - see map insert above
  4. Pedestal Rock Scenic Area is in Pelsor, AR. Detour off Scenic 7 and follow Route 16 east. Some dramatic scenery awaits the visitor
  5. Russellville is located in the verdant Arkansas River Valley at the crossroads of Interstate 40 and Scenic 7 Byway. Click here and find out more
  6. Hot Springs National Park - Hot Springs is the eleventh-largest city in the state of Arkansas. It nestles snuggly under the Ouachita Mountains in the US Interior Highlands. The main attractions are several fabulous, natural hot springs for which the city is named
  7. El Dorado is an entertainment hub and nationally recognized for its historic downtown shops. Arkansas ends here, at least for now!


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