Rental Car Insurance West Virginia

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The state of West Virginia is in Southern / Mid-Atlantic United States. WV also forms part of the Appalachia cultural region in the Eastern US (see map above). Renowned for great outdoor adventure with magnificent scenery, visiting West Virginia is a brilliant choice. From rafting its world-acclaimed whitewater, staying at luxury resorts and visiting mountain towns with their unique brand of arts and culture, the experience is breathtaking.


Remember Your Car Rental Insurance West Virginia for Scenic Country Road Drives


As Americans hit the road this summer, many are driving rental cars in different states, while others prefer new pastures abroad. While rental cars are undoubtedly convenient, the associated costs are often confusing, and can hit your pocket. If you do not own an auto policy or you're concerned about potential premium increases should you need to file a claim against your auto policy, then Bonzah's Affordable Car Rental Damage Insurance is for you. For a mere $7.99 a day, you get up to $35,000 cover while exploring the roads of West Virginia.


Rental Cars from an Airport


Collecting your rental wheels at an airport invariably involves costly airport surcharges. Avoiding these unwanted add-ons is as simple as choosing a car rental service away from the airport. Most in-town rental offices provide transportation to and from the airport. No more queues or crowds at the airport rental counter!


Unlimited Mileage


If you plan to drive long distances, check the mileage caps if there are any. Most rental car companies offer the option of unlimited miles for the car rental period at a slightly higher daily rental fee. Choosing this option allows you to drive the car as much as you want without fearing the end game charges.


Never Rush the Inspection


Thoroughly inspect your rental vehicle before you drive off. If you miss something you will likely face charges for damage you did not even cause. Damages like scratches or dents in the body or spills, stains or tears in the interior can go undetected. If you spot any defect, damage, tear or wear during the inspection, make a note on the car checklist or RA. It is not a good idea to assume damage is too small to mention - the rental car company will definitely notice when you return the vehicle!


Don’t Forget Rental Car Insurance West Virginia


This is available online at It is easy to understand, and the application process takes just a few moments of your time to collect your personal and payment details. Then we email the policy to you. No fuss, no bother, with peace of mind assured for the duration of your rental hire.