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When you get your turn at the rental kiosk – yes, you will eventually reach there - reviewing the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement should be uppermost. This article aims to explain the types of rental car cover (not real insurance) punted on the market, but before we start, we do urge you to read and understand your RA carefully before signing with Budget.


Under Review: Car Rental Insurance Budget


Engagement at the rental counter usually involves high-pressure sales techniques, and it all boils down to the contract you have to sign to secure your rental vehicle. The sales agent is pushing you hard to buy rental car insurance as you ponder putting ink to paper. Loss / Collision Damage Waivers? Personal accident insurance? Do you need all this? What does it all stand for?


Rental Car Insurance Analyzed


Whatever the rental car rep might say, these coverages are optional — and if you accept them all, they can add as much as $30 per day to the rental charge. Sure, you want protection but not at any cost, particularly if you already have coverage elsewhere. Let’s explain the different types of rental car insurance and indicate your real needs:

  • Personal Accident Insurance - According to Consumer Affairs, the benefits provided by personal accident insurance are normally included in health, life or car insurance policies. Importantly, they are included in the coverage the car rental company is required to provide by law.
  • Collision / Loss Damage Waiver - One area that you need to consider carefully, but we’ll come back to this later. Your regular car insurance policy may include collision coverage for rental cars. It won't necessarily pay for the rental car company add-ons, such as loss of use.
  • SLI Spelled Out - Liability insurance usually covers damages to other people's property (e.g. their cars) as well as medical costs for injuries you're responsible for. Each state requires a minimum amount of liability insurance on car policies, so if you're already insured, you're covered.


Car Rental Insurance Budget


If you plan to hire a Budget rental auto, it helps to know the policies this global giant has in place. Click on this link to find Budget’s FAQs in response to common questions asked by renters. It covers several topics, including a section on Insurance Coverages. Offers Real Rental Car Insurance


After reading Budget’s FAQs, you will probably arrive at the obvious conclusion. Taking the easy-to-understand cover from Bonzah offers complete peace of mind motoring. It is affordable too, costing less than $8 a day, and it provides up to $35,000 damage/loss cover.