Amex Car Rental Insurance

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While the Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance available from your Amex Credit card (and underwritten by AMEX Assurance Company) may seem good value, it is merely secondary coverage. Cover varies according to the Amex Card option with more than 50 cards available.


Amex Car Rental Insurance


If accepted, coverage applies for the first 30 days of vehicle rental only, and the hire vehicle must be from a bona fide Rental Company. Coverage does not include ride-sharing companies that allow individuals to rent out their personal vehicle. Moreover, certain exclusions and restrictions apply in the event of a claim, should your rental auto end up damaged or lost.


Policy Conditions Covering Amex Car Rental Insurance


Using your Amex Credit Card to cover rental car damage or loss is quite onerous. Renters need to appreciate precisely what their Amex Card covers when it comes to filing a claim. For example, using American Express Classic Gold Card, and checking the current policy relating to car rental insurance from this card means digesting 55 pages of terms and conditions.


The Amex Definition of Secondary Insurance


Using Amex Car Rental Insurance in conjunction with your Amex Card means accepting that “This Plan is secondary to all other valid and collectible insurance or other sources of indemnity and shall apply only when such other benefits are exhausted. We will pay only that portion of the loss benefit which is not reimbursed by other collectible insurance or other sources of indemnity, up to Our limits, as provided under the Description of Benefits section.”


In Ordinary Speak


One thing is for sure, Amex Car Rental Insurance is the last line of back up should something go wrong during your hire period. If you disobeyed any of the conditions of your Car Rental Agreement, do not expect Amex to rally to your rescue. They will simply decline cover and refute your claim.


Bonzah’s better than Amex Car Rental Insurance


The name Bonzah means "That Covered Feeling". With us, you get Primary and Affordable Car Rental Damage Insurance. This means you have:

  • Driving confidence because you are properly covered
  • Compatibility with all major rental car companies
  • Up to $35,000 Damage/Theft protection
  • Primary Insurance for Rental Cars
  • The option to walk away from expensive Rental Waivers (zero deductible)
  • Coverage in 50 US States and Worldwide

Our coverage is available online and takes but a few moments of your time to put in place. Click here to follow the link and cover your back!