13 Best Travel Accessories For Men

Whether you are packing for a business conference, a short vacation, or a road trip, packing is a significant part of your preparation. It is important that you plan what you take with you to ensure that you include the essential accessories you are likely to need. 

Your travel experience will be enhanced if you make smart choices about what you take with you because the last thing you want is to carry unnecessary, useless things that you will never use. So what are the best travel accessories that men must have? 

Here is a list of 13 must-haves for your trip: 

1.   Document Organizer

The most important things you carry while traveling are your documents, which is why it is extremely important to keep your documents organized and safe. What should a good organizer look like? It must be compact and lightweight yet have sufficient space for your important documents, including your passport, cards, boarding pass, and other necessities. Choose one that is functional and appealing. 

2.   Backpack

A good backpack is absolutely vital for any travel plans. Whether you are on a road trip or rushing through airports, a smart, functional backpack will have dedicated spaces for your laptop, a power source, and locks on the main pocket to ensure the safety of your valuable belongings. You can use a USB with built-in plugs for charging your devices. Try it on to check for comfortable shoulder straps and back support. Also, it may be wise to opt for an unassuming external look with excellent internal functionality. 

3.   Travel Pillow

An absolute essential is your travel pillow. It is the one accessory that you will certainly use on any and every journey. Choose a light, small travel pillow that can fit snugly in your backpack or hang it on the side. With your travel pillow handy, you can make the most of your wait time at the airport lounge or the unending bus ride to catch up on your sleep so that you are well-rested when you reach your destination.  

4.   Earplugs or Headphones

In addition to providing you with well-needed music therapy, your earplugs or headphones will also help you block out the noisy backgrounds you are likely to find on your travels. You may find yourself using these in a noisy hotel room, on the plane, or on the campsite. Choose good quality earplugs or headphones that will last longer, have a good fit, and provide quality sound. In fact, it may be a good idea to get two. 

5.   Pocket Knife

Pocket knives come in all sizes and with various options. Choose a compact size so that it fits in your pocket or on your key chain. Some essential options on your pocket knife that are likely to be handy are a knife, scissors, nail file, tweezers, and screwdriver. While a pocket knife may not appear to be an essential travel accessory initially, you will be surprised by the number of times you will reach into your pocket and use it during your travels.  

6.   Travel Bottle

Carrying a refillable water bottle will help you to stay hydrated and avoid drinking from local dispensers. It is important to keep yourself safe and healthy during your travels and avoid water-borne diseases. Choose a lightweight, unbreakable bottle and ensure that it is leakproof. You can refill it at your hotel or any other spots where you have access to clean water. If you are traveling to places with extreme temperatures, an insulated bottle will keep your water at the right temperature. 

7.   Hand Sanitizer

Your hand sanitizer will help to keep you safe from falling sick while traveling. Keep a small container handy in your backpack and a spare in your luggage. Whether you are on a short trip or a long journey, you must always carry it with you.   

8.   Washroom Accessories

The comfort of using your favorite shaving lotion, shampoo, sunscreen, or hair gel will improve the quality of your travel experience for sure. Look for travel-size bottles of your choice brand or get small travel bottles and fill them up. Choose bottles that can be refilled easily and don’t leak. 

9.   Phone Case

The last thing you want while traveling is a cracked screen on your mobile phone, and a good phone case will prevent this from happening. One quick stumble or a misstep is all it takes for your phone to slip right out of your hand. Look for a phone case that holds your phone snugly but also lets you use your phone easily.

10. Travel Adapter

Because your electronic devices are likely to be a significant part of your life even while you travel, it is necessary that they are charged regularly. With hotels, restaurants, and airports providing a variety of charging plug styles and power options, having a good travel adapter will be invaluable. While they come with various specifications, it would be a good idea to choose one that can charge a few devices simultaneously. 

11. Combination Locks

For the better safety of your belongings, it is important to keep your luggage locked whether you are traveling by bus, plane, or train. A combination lock helps you avoid the hassle of managing multiple keys. You can set your preferred combination and avoid any unpleasant experiences. 

12. Digital Camera

While you may have a mobile phone with a spectacular camera that takes fantastic travel photographs in good light, you may wish for a good digital camera when taking pictures of wildlife or picturesque sunsets. Look for a moderately priced digital camera that supports your photography skills. It should feel right in your hands and be user-friendly.  

13. Travel Bag

Last but not least, a good travel bag will complete your list of essential accessories to keep all your belongings safe all through your travels. You can choose among the numerous options available for a masculine travel bag. Think about the size, shape, color, and material that is right for you. Based on your preference, you can also choose between a suitcase and a duffel bag.