10 Jobs That Allow You To Travel The World

Do you spend your days reading travel quotes? Often people spend their lives dreaming of traveling but never get around to it. First, you put it off because you don’t have the money. Then you delay it because it’s difficult to find a pocket of time to escape from your job and busy routine. But, what if we told you there’s an easy solution to this problem - travel jobs.  

If your goal in life is to travel, you should plan your life around instead of the other way around. Finding jobs that require travel saves you the hassle of finding time to schedule leisure and lets you explore new places regularly.

  • Event Planner

When it comes to professionally organized events, there is a wide variety of options. From weddings and engagement parties to conferences and meetings, it all depends on the type of firm you end up working for. Bigger firms require their workers to travel and scout the perfect locations, coordinate with vendors, and hammer out the details.

Event planning is one of the best travel jobs and a great way to see new places and meet interesting people. All you need is a bachelor’s degree in event management or a related field like communication, business studies, etc. Depending on where you’re planning on working, you may need to take a test or get a certification.

  • Massage Therapist

Taking a job as a massage therapist gives you a lot of freedom in where you work and is top of the list for jobs that require travel. Once you acquire the necessary skills, you aren’t bound to a specific area. As a freelancer, you can travel from country to country, enjoying the sites, and setting up practice wherever you want.

And while you can always start a private practice, another option is to work for a select clientele. For example, if you join a cruise ship or a sport’s team, you’re sure to travel a lot. Pro sports massage therapists are well paid and integral to the health and performance of players. Going to a massage school is an excellent way to start your career as a massage therapist.

  • Travel Nursing Jobs

Travel nursing jobs are in high demand because many cities and countries don’t have enough health workers to fulfill their needs. To fix this problem, they hire temporary staff. You can contact different hospitals or private clinics to figure out if they’re looking for nurses. This isn’t a permanent position which is perfect for your needs. 

Generally, travel nursing jobs last approximately 13 weeks, which gives you two weeks to explore each city before moving on to the next. All you need is a bachelor’s degree in nursing. While a regular degree takes four years, you can accelerate it to three years. And if you already have a diploma, it’ll only take you two years. 

  • Construction Manager

On the surface, construction isn’t what comes to mind when you think of travel jobs. In part because construction is so specific to the area, temperature, material choice, etc. But construction managers have the difficult task of overseeing projects and keeping them on schedule. If you’re working for a large firm this can mean traveling to different locations. 

That is doubly true if your experience is in complex projects like roads, bridges or malls. These will take you from one major city to another, especially when you’re working for a large firm. You’ll get to experience how urban cities differ from one another.

  • Environmental Scientist

But if that isn't to your taste and you want jobs that require travel but put you in contact with nature, you should look into environmental science. These technicians can work for the government or private consulting firms. 

The job revolves around monitoring the environment, so you'll need to travel to rivers, lakes, and forests to conduct field studies. That said, this job still includes working in a laboratory, so which it ranks on the list of travel jobs, limiting your exposure. 

Additionally, it requires a higher level of specialization, with most professionals having bachelor's and associate's degrees. And if you want a position that deals with hazardous materials, you will need further training. That said, the field has the potential for upward mobility and is slated to grow in further years with increased attention attributed to environmental protection. 

  • English Teacher

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. Even in places where it isn’t the native tongue, business is often conducted in English. So the demand for native English speakers and qualified teachers is high. When it comes to travel jobs, this is the best kind.  

Working as a traveling teacher means you can go wherever you want, whenever you want to. In many countries, you won’t even need a teaching certificate. Instead, you should have a language certification. You can check out organizations such as Greenheart Travel and the Council on International Education Exchange for details.

While going freelance is always an option, these foundations are well established and deal with placing teachers worldwide. The process is easier, and there’s definitely less of a hassle. However, they do charge a fee for their role. 

If you’re not interested in paying a middle person, try checking out the official government websites for the countries you want to visit. You’ll find programs like the Japanese JET or Korean EPIK, which will give you a place to start. Other countries have similar positions available.

  • Interpreter and Translator

Similarly, other jobs that require travel are foreign language interpretation and translation. From private firms and conference rooms to government offices and the United Nations, translators are in high demand. The tasks that fall under this position can range from settling disputes to attending social gatherings with visiting dignitaries. 

Whether you are bilingual or trilingual, getting a job as an interpreter gives you free rein to travel the world and explore different countries while working on the side. Language translation is also a service in high demand. This can mean anything from books and articles to videos and audio. You don’t need a specific degree. However, the job does require native level proficiency in the languages of your choice. It can help to have certification to prove your speaking ability through CEFR levels or other language metrics. 

Most travel jobs in these fields are independent. Self-employment means you have complete freedom to choose where you want to visit and how long you want to stay there. But if that isn’t for you, there are firms that help translators with job placement. 

  • Veterinarian

Similar to travel nursing jobs, veterinarian travel jobs give you the freedom to travel the world and set up shop wherever you want. This job is tricky because pet owners prefer returning to the same clinics. That level of trust takes time to establish. However, if you have a solid profile, you can apply for positions at clinics in different countries. That will be easier than setting out on your own.

Additionally, vets who specialize in exotic animals like lions or elephants have to travel to reach their patients. You may need to visit different wildlife preserves or zoos. There is a significant amount of travel involved in this job. Like other travel jobs, you can specialize based on where you want to travel. While exotic animal vets have more opportunity to travel internationally, food safety and inspection vets visit rural settings like farms and ranches to inspect livestock. With the latter, you will need to remain up to date on all government regulations regarding animals' health in a specific area. 

  • Flight Attendant

When it comes to jobs that require travel, we have to mention flight attendants. Airline jobs are the cream of the crop for travel jobs. When you first start at an airline, you can expect local assignments. Eventually, after you have some experience, the company will shift you to international routes. While this doesn’t offer complete freedom from other positions like teaching or travel nursing jobs, it comes with great benefits.

The pay is good, and you’re always surrounded by a crew who are traveling with you. This feeling of companionship while traveling is a pro you won’t find in any other job. You also don’t need a specific educational background to get a job as a flight attendant. But good customer relations skills and the ability to speak a foreign language are always a plus. You also get discounts on tickets for yourself, friends, and family if you want to go on an independent leisure trip. 

  • Cruise Ship Worker

A pretty mainstream choice in the realm of travel jobs, cruise ship workers are often people who enjoy traveling. Between the crew and the visitors, you get to interact with people from a variety of backgrounds. As a staff member, you’ll get free room and board on a vessel that’s traveling to some of the most beautiful destinations. You can explore the cities when the ship docks. 

Also, since cruise ships offer every type of service imaginable, there’s no shortage of jobs. Whether you’re a chef or a technician, bartender, or cashier, you’ll find an opening for you. Just check the websites for cruise companies or go to a site like Cruise Ship Jobs.