10 Healthy Road Trip Snacks

Are you going on a trip? Because if so, you’re probably going to have a lot of fun. Alongside that fun, however, you are probably also inviting a serious dose of unhealthy eating. Because let’s face it, whenever we go on a road trip, we want to stop at the petrol pump and get chips from the small shop or go to a restaurant for cheap pizza. We need food and opt for the easiest option. And that option is always unhealthy. 

This means that the only way to eat healthy food is to go out of your way and look for restaurants or cafes that sell it. But that takes too much time and effort and nobody wants that. 

The other option is to pre-pack healthy snacks. And this is the best option by far. You will have healthy food available on the go, won’t need to make extra stops for snacks, and save time on the road. 

Having healthy road trip snacks is obviously a great idea. But this gives rise to other questions. What are healthy road trip snack options? And how do you make them? We will answer both questions in this article. 

Road trip snacks

  1. Nut butter and fresh fruit

Fruits are absolutely delicious, and the variety means you will always be able to find one you adore. Pair one with high protein nut butter and you have a handy and healthy snack.

Since fruits have high fiber content, they are good for digestion and the nut’s protein makes them filling. Together this is a snack to be reckoned with. 

Apples and bananas go well with almond butter and peanut butter. Strawberries also go well with almond butter. 

  1. Seeds and/or nuts

There are tons of recipes for adding nuts to this or that because they go with almost everything. But they are also delicious on their own. Some popular nuts are cashews, almonds, and walnuts. And some popular seeds are sunflower and pumpkin seed. You can choose whichever one you like the most. 

As for nutritional content, nuts have a lot of fiber, good fats, and proteins. This makes them ideal for a healthy road trip snack. They’re also easy to eat and help avoid long-term health problems like heart disease and sugar. 

  1. Granola and protein bars

They don’t need refrigeration and give you tons of good nutrients. The only problem with these bars is that they come pre-made and often don’t have the best ingredients. Check the back of the bar and look for red flags like an unusual amount of sugar or preservatives. 

Good ingredients are chia seeds, nuts, and oats. Buy granola or protein bars with these ingredients and you’ll have a great snack for the road. 

  1. Energy balls

Energy balls are also called energy bites and are basically concentrated health balls. While they are super nutritious, you’ll need to cool them on the road. So go ahead and add a cooler to your road trippers essential checklist.

Similar to a lot of other snacks on this list, you can buy energy balls and you can also make them. Most include almond butter, cocoa powder, nuts, and dates. 

  1. Vegetable and fruit chips

Packaged chips taste good but are really bad for your health. So you should consider vegetable and fruit chips as an alternative for your road trip. Some great options are kale, baked apple, and plantain chips. 

When choosing your chips, remember to pick a pack without unnecessary preservatives or additives. However, if you are making yours at home, this won’t be an issue. 

  1. Yogurt 

Unsweetened yogurt can only add to your trip. You will need a cooler to take it with you but it is worth the extra effort. Yogurts serve as a fantastic breakfast option and you can add customized toppings. 

Greek yogurt has a high protein content. So if you can get your hands on it, you should always take along a few servings. It will keep you full for a while. 

  1. Chickpeas

Chickpeas have fiber, protein, zinc, folate, and magnesium. If it sounds like a lot, its because this snack is super nutritious. You have two options for this snack: roasted or canned. And while both are great, taking roasted chickpeas is a bit easier. But if you can’t find them canned chickpeas are fantastic. 

Also, you can select flavors when buying chickpeas. Scan the online store or in person store aisles until you find the one you like best. 

  1. Hard-boiled eggs

Boiled eggs are filled with protein. So if you’re going on a long trip and need to take filling snacks, these are a great option. Boiled eggs are good for a week in a cooler. They also have a lot of choline, good fats, antioxidants, and vitamin b-12. 

  1. Trail mix

You can always buy trail mix but there are many delicious recipes on the internet. And often the latter is more healthy. Either way, you’ll be getting fiber, protein, and healthy fat. 

If you are buying trail mix, always look at the ingredients. Some have unhealthy components like candies and candied fruits and should be avoided. If you’re making the mix yourself, you can add dried fruits, chocolate chips, and spices. 

  1. Almonds and dark chocolate

We’re going to end this list with a sweet option. Last but certainly not least, we have almonds and dark chocolate. Just because you want sweet, doesn’t mean you need to give into unhealthy preservative-filled snacks. You can indulge yourself with a healthier option. 

Dark chocolate has a ton of antioxidants and will protect you from diabetes and strokes. On the other hand, almonds have protein. Together, they are a power couple and create one of the best snacks on this list. 


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