Your Road Trips Will Always Be Incomplete Without These Apps

It’s never as easy as the movies make it out to be. All of us have dreamt of having the road trip of our dreams at one point or another. And in these dreams, everything goes according to plan. There is no traffic, no road rage, no getting lost, and certainly no boredom. Reality is much different, however. 

There are so many things that can go wrong during your trip. Left to our own devices, we would never get around to having a decent time. This is where technology comes in. In today’s digital world, we have apps for anything and everything. There are some we can’t live without. Similarly, there are some that our road trips would be incomplete without. 

Here, we will list down some of the essential apps you need to have to make your road trip one to remember. 

Insured is assured

What do we need for an awesome road trip? First things first: a car. Now you may have your means of transportation, or you probably rely on rental cars like the rest of us. If it’s the latter, you’re going to need to find a rental car. As such, good rental insurance is a must. 

Going through individual websites can be confusing, so it’s best to use a guide or an app like Bonzah to find out all you need to know about car rental insurance. This will let you breathe a sigh of relief so you can focus on living in the moment, rather than worrying about the future.

I like paying more than I have to, said no one ever

Now that you have a car, what next? You need gas. The problem is that gas prices fluctuate all over the United States. It’s hard to find places that sell gas for good value. Fortunately, GasBuddy has you covered. They use a gas price heat map to tell you about the best places to purchase gas. This app is super useful and promises to help you save a lot of money. The application is free and offers a ton of rewards, so it’s a win-win situation. How can anyone say no to an app like this? 

GPS? More like GPYes

 There may be people out there who are good at navigation. Luckily, we don’t have to wait to find out if we are one of them. Google Maps is a godsend in terms of map apps. 

The application is:  

  • Easy to use 
  • Free of cost
  • Has offline maps available
  • Precise
  • Gets the job done

 It doesn’t matter where you have to go, Maps can get you there. No longer do you have to worry about getting lost in your adventures. 

A friend in need is a friend indeed 

Speaking of navigation, if you haven’t been using Waze, you’ve been missing out. Waze is a community-based navigation app. It relies on users to share real-time updates on routes, traffic, and other important roadside information. This is important because it lets you plan your journey and find the best routes for your trip. Spontaneity is always fun, but well-planned road trips are the best road trips. 

Pictures or it didn’t happen

We live in a visual world. Most of our time is spent taking or looking at pictures. So if you’re on the road trip of your dreams, recording it is a must. Luckily, there is a variety of applications and best camera apps for android and iOS available. Using these can make your pictures frame-worthy and your social media fantastic. 

Apart from these, other apps can help.


  • PixArt


To edit your pictures and add a little bit of oomph to them. 


  • Adobe Lightroom


For when you’re feeling professional. This app allows you to put amazing effects on your pictures of the scenery. 


  • Huji Cam


To get the 90’s reel effect we all dream of.

Carpool karaoke

What is life without some great music? For the hours you spend cooped up in a car, some upbeat tunes are a must. Spotify is your saving grace from all of that silent boredom. With a very diverse selection of songs in its library, there are unlimited choices to choose from. Additionally, every genre is available in the app. On top of that, you can make playlists to fit certain moods. Road Trip Playlist? Not a problem, Spotify has your back.

Leisure pleasure

It would be easy to say that every moment of every road trip is always fun-filled. It would also be false. No matter how epic the trip is, there are always dull moments in between. However, passing the time shouldn’t be a problem for you with these mobile apps. 


  • Audible 


If you like reading but without the reading part. These audiobooks will have you hooked in no time.


  • Mad Libs


It isn’t called the world’s greatest word game for nothing. A classic and appropriate for every situation, because who doesn’t like humor


  • Pocket Casts


For when you would rather hear someone else talk. Easy to use, it’s a one size fits all podcast app.


  • Netflix


What better time to catch up on your favorite shows than when you’re traveling? The Netflix app allows you to download episodes or movies and watch them even when you have no data. 


  • Your favorite mobile game


Because our inner child never dies. And if the only thing you know about Fortnite is the dance, don’t worry. There are plenty of options from the best mobile games of 2019 to choose from. PUBG, Minecraft, and Call of Duty are among some of the most popular games around. Being able to play them on your smartphone during your trip is like being able to have trips within your trip. Can you think of anything cooler? 

Now that we’ve discussed all the apps that are a must-have for a perfect road trip, what are you waiting for? Grab your bags, and your phone with all these apps, and go. The sky's the limit. Until we invent an app to change that, that is.