The Spartan’s Guide To Car Rental Insurance- How To Save Money

“I would rather spend money than save it”, said no one ever. Let’s face it. Even millionaires wouldn’t mind saving money. How else do you think they stay millionaires? All of us want to be comfortable, but most of us would rather do without comfort when it comes at the cost of precious money. You might forget what it felt like to rent a beat-down Honda instead of a limousine, but your wallet will definitely remember. And we’re not just saying that to shame you! It’s an unspoken law of nature and humanity: it’s survival of the fittest and stingiest.

Car rental insurance is an especially tricky area in a saver’s mind. On the one hand, it seems like an expense one could do without. To pay for a rental car and rental car insurance on top of it isn’t a bargain. But on the other hand, it’s better to save thousands in a potential car accident than hundreds in a car rental insurance policy. Coming from one saver to another, always go for the second option. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and a spendthrift rather than broke!

This guide is for the Spartans among us who want to make the most responsible (and cheap) car rental insurance decisions. Not every insurance policy is a rip-off, and we will show you exactly how to avoid the ones that are. Keep reading to find out how to get car rental insurance and how to save money at the same time.


While you are preparing for your trip, you might consider your packing, hotel reservations, or sights to see. One thing many people often overlook is insuring their rental car. It may be very tempting to wait until the last day to book your car rental and insurance, but that’s exactly what The Big Man wants. If you think you’re street smart and savvy, remember that insurance companies are smarter, which is why they’re a flourishing industry.

You should not purchase car rental insurance at the front desk, where they will charge you ridiculously high prices. This is because they are aware of your lack of choices, and no one wants to risk pricy charges if things go sideways. The best way to ensure the safety of your wallet is to insure. Pun intended. Find an acceptable insurance policy a few days before your trip, and save yourself from added stress.

It’s all in the details

When car rental insurance policies are designed, they are made to look daunting and mind-numbing. This is to divert your attention from them, making you buy whatever is apparently the best option. However, many hidden charges are often hidden in plain sight, and your laziness may make them successful.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions, details, and policies regarding the insurance coverage. This will help you understand just how much coverage is being provided and what the exclusions are. Essential services like roadside assistance may not be part of a specific insurance policy. Often, certain parts of the car, like the tires or roof, are excluded from plans. Unfortunately, many naive renters are not aware of these omissions until their pockets are hurt. Be smarter and more aware so that you can feel like a winner.

Third-party insurance

Not to be dramatic, but the car rental insurance world is dangerous for people who do not know specific tips and tricks. One important consideration is the costly nature of popular insurance providers. A reliable and cost-effective alternative is third party insurance. Standalone companies offer comparatively lower prices than bigger corporations while providing the same service. Some standalone companies even offer more coverage than their competitors, including windscreen and tire coverage. This makes them the best option for car rental insurance.

Avoid rental at the airport

This is the most tempting mistake you can make while purchasing a rental car and insurance. Since airports are a hub of exhausted and jetlagged travelers, it is easy to convince someone to buy car rentals from vendors present there. But it’s all too easy, and there’s a reason for it.

Airport rentals are costly due to something known as an ‘airport surcharge’ or an additional fee. This is just a code word for consensual theft, so don’t be fooled. Resist the urge to take the easier option and use public transportation to reach the rental company branch. You will thank yourself for the extra cash you save.

Look for the silver linings

Some people think that if they plan things down to the T, they will have a successful trip. Now let me tell you what intelligent people think. When it comes to preparing for trips, you should always account for any unpredictable circumstances that will cause changes. This principle applies to why insurance is necessary, but also to free cancelation policies.

If your trip is canceled or delayed, your mood will already be sour, and a bill with cancellation charges will ruin it. Instead, opt for insurance companies that allow free cancelation ahead of time. You will pat your past self on the back for this smart move.

Do the bare minimum

This may seem counter-intuitive when trying to gain the most benefits, but it’s excellent advice. Why do two things when one can do the trick? For example, renting a premium car like a BMW is bound to be more expensive than renting a smaller Toyota car. The car rental insurance is also bound to be more expensive. You should remember that you’re traveling for the destination, not the luxury car experience. Be practical, and spend the least possible amount of money on the rental car.

Another thing to double-check while purchasing an insurance policy is the coverage. Policies with greater coverage will be more expensive. However, they’re not necessarily the best option. Some credit cards provide limited coverage on rental cars, but this becomes void if you don’t use the credit card to purchase the policy or if the policy includes the same coverage.

Some car rental companies will also try to sell you accessories like GPS or child booster seats (if you need one) by adding them to the policy. Don’t fall for it. You should bring your own child booster seats and use applications available on your phone for satellite navigation. This will end up saving you a lot of money in the end.


This guide is made to tell you not just about rental car insurance, but how to make it cost-effective and in your best interests. Your trip should be stress-free and relaxing, but you still want to make sure your wallet doesn’t get too light. The right rental car insurance will provide you with both, so you won’t have to compromise. This may not be Sparta, but every place is a good place to save money.