Rental Car Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and Personal Effects Insurance (PEI) Now Available

Customers have asked us many times if we had Person Accident Insurance, given so many customer either don't have their own accident insurance or wanted to avoid a huge deductible if such an accident were to happen. It took a while but we finally got those products live - and we thank so much those customers who prompted us to expand our insurances coverages.


Source: The Des Moines Register


The products added are: Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and Personal Effects Insurance (PEI) to their rental car insurance product suite. Accident Medical Insurance is also including under the PAI product description. 

Our goal at is to become a genuine one-stop online shop for rental car and share car insurances including RV, Moving Trucks, Electric Vehicles (EV's) to name a few. Right now, car renters can already buy primary damage, primary liability and supplemental liability insurance from the Bonzah mobile app and website.’s Personal Accidental Insurance (PAI) provides 24-hour accident protection to the primary renter or sharer and their immediate family for a death while traveling in a Rented or Shared Vehicle during the entire period of the Rental Agreement. PAI covers both accidental loss of life and medical expenses, ensuring up to $50,000 for renter loss of life and $1,000 in medical insurance coverage.

In the meantime Personal Effects Insurance (PEI) provides limited coverage for loss or damage to personal belongings due to theft of, damage to, or accidents involving a Rental or Shared Vehicle.