Rental Car Insurance Washington State

Seattle, Washington State; Author: Daniel Schwen; Attribution:  CC BY-SA 4.0


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Why Rental Car Insurance Washington is Important


One unlucky New Jersey fella rented a car from an enterprising rental giant. The renter continues the story, “Because I didn't know any better, when I rented the car, I opted to use my own insurance rather than shell out extra for the rental insurance.

“When they walked me around the car I didn't pay close enough attention to all the details and missed a half-assed attempt to cover up some damage on the passenger-side door.” Apparently, a previous customer used touch-up paint to cover a small gash on the door, which was undetectable on quick glance.

When he returned the car, the company found the attempted cover-up. “They said I was responsible for the damage because I didn't see it on the initial walk-around, and would charge me my deductible, which was $500.  As I stood in the office arguing with them, one of the employees came in and took lunch orders. He then jumped in the car that I had just been accused of damaging, drove it to Wendy's, and returned with food for the staff.”

After pleading his case with no luck, the man from NJ called customer service and explained the situation, including the lunch run. He queried how they knew it wasn't a worker taking the cars out for joy rides, damaging them, touching them up, and then passing the damage off on unsuspecting customers. Using vehicles for personal use was against company policy, so they let the renter off the hook. Guess who's a regular rental car insurance user now!


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Here for You – Rental Car Insurance Washington State


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