Rental Car Insurance Virginia

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Rental Car Insurance Virginia

Stepping up at the rental car counter has associated risks. For example, do you anticipate a sales campaign with the agent? Rental car companies are ever mindful of upselling potential, and many of us fall for their hype. The Rental Agreement remains the focus as you sign this important document and kiss goodbye to your rights.


Bonzah-based Rental Car Insurance Virginia


Quite right! With Bonzah’s rental car damage insurance in place, you can look forward to hassle free motoring no matter what happens. Planning your Virginia adventure is as simple as clicking here! For complete peace of mind, have your Bonzah policy in place before you take off in your rental vehicle. We cannot back fit insurance for obvious reasons.


‘Push insurance' you don't need; Rather Use


When you get your turn at the rental kiosk don’t expect anything but on-selling tactics from the attendant agent. Their role is to sell you something you really do not need, and they’ll do their best to convince you - that’s their job! Rather look at as a real insurance option for your rental car insurance needs. You should do this before signing your Rental Agreement.


What Cover Do I Need?


Across the board, the biggest point of contention is the collision / loss-damage-waiver (CDW/LDW) offered by car rental companies. In fact, it is not insurance at all, but renters and many rental car agents call it ‘insurance’ anyhow. It costs around $30 a day, and can double the cost of a rental.


Be Wise – Use


Solve all your potential headaches by linking to rental insurance at It’s online and you can track it right here. This is potentially the best bonus you can have for an unwanted mishap on the Highways and Bi-Ways of Virginia. We call it “Affordable Car Rental Damage Insurance”, because this is what it is! If you plan to drive less than 100 miles, no worries, we’ll direct you to our sister company,


Do the Math


You should have collision / loss coverage on a rented car, but you don't have to buy it at the rental company's inflated rates. You have three options:

  • Many credit cards provide no-charge secondary coverage
  • Your own auto insurance may cover you, at least in the US
  • Buy primary coverage for less than $8 a day from


Rental Car Insurance Virginia -The Best and Most Affordable Option


Do yourself a favor and take our rental car insurance option, it’s the best protection you’ll find anywhere on the planet and it’s available online. We are right here for you!