Rental Car Insurance North Dakota

Interstate 94 in North Dakota, near Gladstone; Author: Bobjgalindo; CC BY-SA 4.0


There's always something to celebrate on North Dakota's events calendar. For example, the Bismarck-Mandan area has welcomed visitors since Lewis and Clark paddled up the Missouri River in 1804. Capital of North Dakota, Bismarck is a hub of culture, history and leisurely shopping.


Rental Car Insurance North Dakota – It’s Your Best Bet!


Getting around North Dakota in your auto rental is easy to understand. Interstate Highways I-29 and I-94 intersect at Fargo, with I-29 favoring a north/south orientation along the eastern side of ND. Interstate 94 travels east/west to connect with Minnesota (east), and Montana (west). Due to wide ranging climate fluctuations, North Dakota's Interstates favor hardwearing concrete carriageways in preference to blacktop road surfaces.


Teddies, Sunflowers and Honey


A few interesting Facts about ND:

  • “I never would have been President if it had not been for my experiences in North Dakota” – so said Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt
  • North Dakota produces the most sunflowers in the United States
  • ND also sits on top of the honey-making league in the US

If you love Agritourism, then almost 90% of North Dakota's land area is under farming or ranching. This makes getting around in a rental vehicle the best way to see it all.


Before Driving Your Rental Auto


Most renters are in a mad rush to get to the top of the queue at the rental desk. They want to complete the RA formalities on the fly and get on their way. ‘Trust’ is a word in short supply when it comes to rental vehicles. The rental agent may smile and greet you warmly but their main aim to get you on your way as soon as possible.

Renters are quick to accept that the vehicle they are about to drive off in is faultless and without blemish. Bad move! Spend time inspecting the wheels you have just signed acceptance for, together with all your rights. Not just the external inspection but the interior too. Open every door and look for trim and rubber seal damage. Are all the driver controls functioning properly? Check the trunk (and lid) and the spare tire and tools. Look under the hood as well as on top of it.


Excellent Case for Rental Car Insurance North Dakota


The general rule is rather note all the defects on the RA, even if they seem ridiculous. Why is this necessary we hear you ask? The truth is that if you don’t mention it at checkout time, you can guess what will happen when you return your rental wheels. Now if you had taken Bonzah’s Primary Rental Car Insurance, it’s a simple matter of referring the rental agent to us. You can claim for the damage you did not cause, but will be held liable for. This would be on a reimbursement basis.