Rental Car Insurance North Carolina

Rainy Blue Ridge; Author: Ken Thomas; Attribution: Image released to the public domain (Wikipedia)


Ah, North Carolina! Name a better space to find yourself and your loved ones. This must be a great place to live because over 10 million residents cannot be wrong. It goes deeper, for example, you won’t find any mega cities in this state. Charlotte boasts the biggest concentration of people with a tad under 850,000 permanent residents.


Touring NC – Secure Your Rental Car Insurance North Carolina


Located in the southeastern region of the United States, the Tar Heel State borders South Carolina and Georgia to the south, Tennessee to the west, Virginia to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.

Quoting from the official Visit NC website, "Whether big or small, shared or solo, it’s our firsts that stay with us. See real travelers venture to North Carolina to do something they’ve never done before, and go inside their trips to find your own Firsts That Last.” Awesome!


The Importance of Understanding Your RA


Like any other formal legal document, your Rental Agreement is all-powerful once you have signed it with the rental company. This is why it is so important to read the rental conditions carefully. If you do not understand anything contained in the document, seek clarity from the car rental agent.

The implications of signing are potentially crippling from a financial prospective. No problems with the waiver, assuming nothing goes wrong, that is! If misfortune hits, you are in the firing line with deductibles and waivers in mind. Not your fault? No worries at the rental giant, they have your signature that ensures a successful outcome for them!


The Amicable Alternative


Accepting rental car insurance North Carolina from is your best hedge against all the ills that can befall your rental car hire. Imagine the scene; you find yourself caught in the middle of an event that you did not cause. Think about the conversation that follows with the rental company when you report the incident. Not nice!


Accepting one of the two options from Bonzah


It’s there waiting for you to say ‘yes’ for under $8 a day, and it gives you the cover you need. No messy waivers, no nasty deductibles, just open, honest Primary Insurance. Simply follow this online link and line yourself up for stress-free motoring. No renter should be without Bonzah’s comprehensive cover. We call it Rental car insurance North Carolina; it’s yours for the taking, drive confidently!