Rental Car Insurance Michigan


North America Basement Rocks Lake Superior and Surrounds


If you want to sound like a local, call it Mish-i-gun. It forms the heart of the Great Lakes region towards the top end of America, and officiates over much of Lake Superior. Michigan’s history draws heavily on car production and music (Motown). Today, tourism is the magnate, and what a great place to visit!


Car Rental Makes Good Sense


Quite right, but even more important, you must secure proper insurance cover too. The car rental giants do not offer insurance options. The reason for this is they are not legally empowered to trade in the insurance market, which means they do not hold the necessary accreditation. Where does this leave the average hirer? Up the creek without a paddle is the simple response!


Analyzing Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)


This insurance provides third party liability coverage, but Uninsured Motorist (UM) or /Underinsured Motorist (UIM) coverage should be purchased separately. In other words,you would be better with the umbrella cover offered by Genuine, primary third party cover you can afford and really should have in place.


Rental Agreement Realities


Know that when you sign the RA, you are accepting Absolute and Strict Liability. We emphasize the point because we want to draw this fact to the attention of all renters. Taking this consideration to its logical conclusion, upon signing the RA you – as the renter - are agreeing contractually to be personally and legally responsible. That is, personally and legally responsible for all losses, regardless of the cause.


Good Enough Reason to Accept Rental Car Insurance Michigan


Imagine finding yourself caught up in some unfortunate mishap with your rental vehicle. In terms of the liability clause copied from a standard Rental Agreement, you are in the firing line for any mishap “regardless of the cause”. Heavy going indeed and this is before the Rental Company unleashes their mean, lean and hungry corporate lawyers.

This could evolve into a nightmare from which escape seems impossible, and the only way out is to pay up. All that hard-earned money down the drain. Not if you had the wisdom to take real third party cover from We call it affordable car rental damage insurance online, and no renter should drive without it.


Sobering Conclusion


Few of us spare a thought at the start of a car hire term about the horrendous things that can go wrong. Unfortunately, road accident statistics are proof enough of the high volume of incidents on the Highways and Bi-Ways. Click on this link to see Bonzah’s Basic and Premium plans, available from as little as $7.99 per day.  This is our rental car insurance Michigan, and it offers peace of mind motoring.


Image: North America Basement Rocks: USGS BY Public Domain