Rental Car Insurance Massachusetts

Atlas Map of Massachusetts (National Atlas USA)

Planning a trip to Massachusetts and looking for things to do? Depending on what turns you on, you’ll find something to interest everyone in 'The Bay State', one of the five nicknames gathered over time. Remember to book your rental car because you’re going to need it to get around Massachusetts.

Explore the area where Paul Revere rode, or how the pilgrims lived, and you can even walk the Freedom Trail. If you prefer more earthly pursuits, you'll find gorgeous beaches, breathtaking mountains, and world-class art.


Choose Your Rental Car Insurance Massachusetts Thoughtfully


After stepping off a flight, the last thing you want is delay and complicated rental desk formalities. Hold that thought. The rental car giants are fully aware of the psychology of the situation, and they play along accordingly.

Agents don’t want a long queue forming behind a renter’s barrage of questions regarding the all-important Rental Agreement (RA). Our advice, hang in and have the debate, you’ll be glad you did!


Engage Brain and Switch off Emotion before Accepting RA Waivers


Logic and reason are not in abundant measure at the car rental desk. This because rental car agents are tasked with maximizing profits for the organization. After the cute-smile-to-greet-you moment comes the awesome rental agreement formalities.

As a rule, hirer’s are in a hurry and want to get formalities over and done. Rental car companies know this and oblige accordingly. We invite you to read on and discover a better option. Imagine if you could side step the RA with proper third party car rental insurance. Dream over, because now you can.


Real Rental Car Insurance Massachusetts proudly announce their incredibly affordable Car Rental Damage Insurance. Know that when you purchase one of our plans at a mere $7.99/day, you’ll be properly covered. This includes damage, theft, replacement, and non-return of vehicle. Our insurance reimburses you up to $35,000, and covers the deductibles too.


Feeling Comfortable, Not Fleeced!


Each one of us feels good when collecting a vehicle rental, thanks to the pleasure driving a new vehicle brings. The pleasure soon wears off if you experience any mishaps over the hire term. Filing a claim is not a space you want to be in if you accepted the waivers; conversely, you’ll be well pleased if you opted for Bonzah’s primary third party cover.


Peace of Mind Brought to You by Bonzah


The people at Bonzah want you to enjoy a safe journey through Massachusetts in your rental car. By taking Bonzah’s rental car insurance Massachusetts, you are well on your way! We’ll leave you with this thought; Some of the most terrifying moments behind the wheel can happen when you are not moving at all!


Image:  Atlas of Massachusetts: National Atlas USA BY Public Domain